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Employee welfare measures questionnaire essay

Dear Employer

Request you to please complete the set of questions and help me personally understand the work laws put together in your organisation that will help myself to produce informative data to my job.

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Project Subject: Employee welfare measures adopted in tiny textile units in Bhiwandi city

Be rest assured about maintaining the confidentiality from the data.

The timely assistance will be extremely appreciated.


Govind 3rd there’s r Sharma


Pondicherry University

Complying of labours laws & Employee wellbeing measures




Please fill up the column where information sought and reply the questions asked in Yes/ No type question



Total employee strength of your organization

Type of firm (Proprietary/ Pvt.

Ltd. as well as Ltd/ listed)

Strength of HR team in corporation

Company type (Indian/ Indian MNC/ International based MNC)

Does your organization follow Industrial Dispute Action?

Does your Corporation make discount to all personnel as per ESI Act?

Does your Organisation Produce Deduction according to PF & MIsc Work?

Does your business follow Expectant mothers Benefit Act, Payment of Wages Act and Repayment of Minimum Wages Act?

Does your firm follow all of the procedures placed down in Factories Work & Outlets and Institution Act?

Do you really pay equal remuneration to both men and female workers?

Do you think that every the rules put down on previously listed Act will be employer and employee friendly?

What is the number of Bonus you usually shell out to your workers?

Do you think that there should be just 5 times working and also the daily working hours must not exceed almost 8 hours or perhaps 48 several hours in a week?

Please point out the various employee welfare plan in your business beside of these made compulsory by numerous labour legal guidelines.

What is the grievance controlling mechanism adopted in the corporation?

What is your look at that a little organization having employee strength of 10-30 people cannot implement staff welfare actions as per the approved Act or beyond the purview in the Act? Make sure you specify in brief.

How many times the Factory Inspector, labour inspector, PF commissioner or officials/ ESI officials visit your organization? Are you pleased with their inspection work? Draught beer employer and employee friendly or have confidence in making money just?

What is the ideal duration any employee remain in your organization? Will you allow them to operate your company a lot more than 5 years? After completing a few years inside your organization, every time they leave your organization, do you present them any kind of extra economic benefits? If you do, please stipulate the amount.

In addition to the salary, that which benefits you provide on your employees?

Do you think that offering too many benefits to staff lead to industrial unrest hence they should kept within particular limit? Justify your response please.


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