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How to protect against 4 e-commerce security challenges Essay

Intro Nowadays is the trends that trust the net commerce software where it can cause organization operators. Some individuals will go back back to using the traditional approach to doing business. The trust may be lost due to the situation where hacker strike on web commerce sites.

According to the study made by Hammonds (2014) state that full-scale identity robbery to internet profiling feature various issues that been annoyed the consumer and vendor on its own. That how come, E-commerce also called a form of exchanging of services for the business and for the consumer through the internet According to research done by Mukherjee (2016) claim that online sales increasing day by day because client take advantage of the reduced price product that offered by the wholesaler or the manufacturer in the online mood. Besides that, web commerce also helps the consumer and the business in term of gaining the information through the technology that is provided.

Underneath Industry 4. 0 strategy, outstanding development in advance as well as the information technology in social media network has been more and more influencing man perception. That small business that adopts e-commerce performs better than those that fail to undertake because of the catalytic effect on organization performance (Wanyoike, et ing., 2012). It is because e-commerce adoption is certainly not automatic due to the weaknesses of resources, for example , financial with e-commerce skill where the small enterprise have done it around the daily basis.

It is shown that small venture can affect people to the business enterprise by using ecommerce by raising the information about the social networking network. The scope of study that is done by Mihyun Chung & Jaehyoun (2014) Kim intricate that the Sector 4. 0 is the industrial revolution with the future of main technology craze is supposed to result in a great all-new era of computerized industries. Furthermore, the internet products significantly improve the quality of lives in addition to result will have a large effect on society.

It had been proved with the development of tiny industry exactly where they can proceed far running a business by using the internet and apply the web commerce business. Setup of e-commerce is required expensive cost and need a strong economy-justification (Valmohammadi et al., 2016). This is because, to get the internet interconnection, there are a lot of items need build and improved in order to get the best connection.

An unhealthy connection can provide the bad perception of the client to the country and the nation and the ever-increasing growth of web commerce in develop countries has to be followed by the company policy and strategies that contain bee basically reconsidered as in the developing country. Acting as on the net marketplaces, ecommerce websites and mobile applications that aid online business transactions allow suppliers, merchants, merchants and assistance and articles providers to list many, services or content online (Yen ain al., 2015). To acquire success in e-commerce, there exists some business model of e-commerce which it really is has been structured in order to prepare the activities more thoroughly to gain profit for an organization.

The table beneath shows the key elements of ecommerce business model. Source: Adapted coming from Laudon, E. C., and Traver, C. G. Ecommerce 2015: organization. technology. world., 11th copy, pp58-68, Pearson [16].

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