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Business Communication Essay

define horizontal communication? briefly go over the forms of horizontal conversation? s12 s11 distinguish between dental communication and written interaction? s12 point out the different ways of non-verbal interaction with examples? a11 briefly discuss the forms of way up communication? a11 s12 In brief discuss the parts of a company Letter with example as well as its specimen? a11 s11 Presume you are a manager of AB Financial institution Ltd., CDA avenue. One of your officer, Mister. Abul Kalam has got a advertising as a mature officer, write a letter to congratulate him.

A11 Define informal communication. discuss the 4 predictable routine of casual communication network? s11 Exactly what the difference between the formal and informal communication? s11 Quickly explain the different forms of not verbal communication? s11 s12 As a administrator of Dhaka Bank Limited Agrabad Part, write a page of gratitude to Mister Zakir Hossian Your sales professional for his outstanding overall performance to fulfill the prospective of take tk thirty-five lac being a deposit. S12 Suppose you are a Product sales Manager of Credit Card Division of EBL.. one of your sales business owners has shown very good sales overall performance by rewarding his monthly target. Now write a letter of understanding to recognize his well efficiency. s11 Short notes: a11

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