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Hiv in vietnam

Hiv, Vietnam

Today, more and more people reside with HIV and it became a serious crisis in Viet Nam. The disease is dispersing fast from the core human population of intravenous drug users, and one of the chief limitations to prevention and treatment is the judgment that makes outcasts of those who carry the disease.

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A written report show that you third of all people in Viet Nam living with HIV. Some cities and villages report HIV prevalence more than 10 times more than the nationwide average, especially in areas which can be mountainous, distant and lived on by cultural minorities, wherever people still have limited understanding and services do not but adequately address needs. In Viet Nam the epidemic remains concentrated in apparent key population groups: individuals that inject medications (PWID, 22% in 2013), men who may have sex with men (2. 4%) and female sex personnel (5. 3%). The portion of women managing HIV has become steadily raising over the years. A lot of people reported to get living with HIV in 2013 (79%) were between twenty and 39 years old (UNAIDS HIV/AIDS estimates in 2013)


A lot of people infected with HIV knowledge a short, flu-like illness that happens 2-6 weeks after disease. The symptoms of HIV fluctuate depending on the level of infection. Though people living with HIV tend to end up being most contagious in the starting months, many are unaware of all their status right up until later periods. The first few weeks after primary infection, persons may encounter no symptoms or a great influenza-like health issues including fever, headache, allergy, or sore throat. After this, HIV may not trigger any symptoms for several years. A During this time, the virus remains active to result in progressive damage to people immune systems. The infection progressively weakens the immune system, an individual can develop different signs and symptoms, including swollen lymph nodes, weight-loss, fever, diarrhoea and cough. Without treatment, they will could also develop severe illnesses such as tuberculosis, cryptococcal meningitis, severe microbe infections and cancers.

There are three primary stages of HIV infection. The first is Severe HIV contamination that is the earliest stage of HIV contamination, and that generally evolves within two to four weeks after a person is contaminated with HIV. During this time, some individuals have flu-like symptoms, just like fever, headaches, and rash. In the severe stage of infection, HIV multiplies speedily and distributes throughout the physique. However , many people also develop opportunistic disease at this stage. Because of their non-specific personality, these symptoms are not frequently recognized as one among HIV infection. But During the acute HIV infection level, the level of HIV in the blood vessels is very high, which significantly increases the likelihood of HIV indication.

The 2nd stage is definitely Chronic HIV Infection. Throughout this stage from the disease, HIV continues to increase in numbers in the body although at suprisingly low levels. Individuals with chronic HIV infection might not have virtually any HIV-related symptoms, but they can easily still spread HIV to others. Experts told that without treatment with HIV medications, chronic HIV infection usually advances to AIDS in a decade or for a longer time, though it might take less time for some people.


The last stage is definitely AIDS this is the most severe level of HIV infection. Since HIV features severely broken the immune system, the entire body can’t overcome opportunistic attacks People with HIV are identified as having AIDS if perhaps they have a CD4 count of less than 200 cells/mm3 or perhaps if they may have certain opportunistic infections (U. S. Department of Into the Human Services). In the a shortage of specific treatment, around 50 % of people attacked with HIV develop AIDS within a decade. Opportunistic infections may be brought on by bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites that are normally regulated by the immune system. Which in turn infections happen depends partially on what organisms are common in person’s environment these kinds of infections might affect virtually every organ program.

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