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Introduction to Business Assignment Essay

AIM: I have been expected by Philip Eskesen to look at two contrasting business organisations and among who need to operate in the secondary/manufacturing industry and the additional corporation has to be a service company from the tertiary sector. I need to then consider the activities that every of them satisfy and look with the effectiveness of which within each organisation.

I possess decided to glance at the activities of G. Electronic lighting which is an American company and an immediate division of the most important company on the globe G. E and the second company that I have decided to look at can be Sainsbury’s who may be amongst one of the most dominant market leading businesses operating in the U. K in the superstore sector. Both of the companies i have decided to check out are both owned by shareholders which means that people have bought stocks and shares into them. However that being said, as G. E lamps is a north american company this means that it will not be on the London Stock Exchange but will alternatively be listed upon the modern York stock market market.

If a person planned to buy stocks in GE lighting then they would have to speak to a broker. Furthermore, Sainsbury’s is usually a Community Limited Organization because it is just like before, shown upon the London Stock Exchange. Today General Electric is made up of many departments/divisions. For example G. E Light in Enfield is element of a Global Organization, which operates in over 75 worldwide countries and also keeps work for above 300, 000 people globally too. Tv set programming, Plastic materials and G. E Plane Engines for instance , is the biggest engine manufacturer and distributor in the world with operations in over forty five different countries.

1 On the next page you will find GE’s product profile. Sainsbury’s grocery stores employ over 145, 1000 people (including Savacentre). Of those 145, 1000 people, 60 per cent are portion period based employees and forty percent are total time workers.

62% of the work forces are women which in turn show that since the nineteenth Century the same opportunities have shifted and women have the same privileges as guys to be able to work. Furthermore, Sainsbury’s Grocery stores serves well over 11 million customers weekly and as coming from May the year 2003, had 535 stores wide open throughout the UK. Nearly 60% of their stores are located upon town centres and others constructed on the edge of centre locations in the trail areas where land is cheaper and also have better connections. Like GE, Sainsburys also provide sub categories or Part companies that they can own.

For example the other activities that they can operate or perhaps run besides Groceries, will include a chain of Sainsbury’s Financial institutions, Shaw’s, JS Development and Sainsbury’s House Development. Shaw’s Supermarkets Incorporation. has been a completely owned Part of T Sainsbury’s plc since 1987 and partially owned seeing that 1983. Shaw’s serves more than four , 000, 000 customers per week, and as in May the year 2003 had 193 stores open in New England, UNITED STATES.

In 06 1999, T Sainsbury’s plc acquired the entire share capital of Star Markets for the total account of $497 million dollars which is the same to i? 313 mil British pounds. Star Marketplaces operates in the Metropolitan Boston area, Washington DC. The acquisition required Shaw’s Supermarkets to the number 2 position in New England and as the dominant marketplace leader in Houston, Massachusetts. Like Sainsbury’s Supermarkets, america operations place an emphasis on high quality food at value for money prices, and are also persistently recuperating and increasing their variety of fresh food. The corporation offers approximately 60, 000 different lines, about 35, 000 per store at any 1 time.

Some a few, 000 popular brand products account for 45 per cent product sales and as at June the year 2003, Shaw’s utilizes some twenty eight, 400 co-workers.

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