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Ethical Perspectives Essay

The Rights and Responsibilities perspective leaned toward rationality, impacting on the Director of Sales’ decision to inform Gayle the Director of Sales can keep personal things confidential, yet may have to report the problem in case it is work-related. The Director of Sales also encouraged Gayle to review the business Handbook just before meeting with him or her. The decision allowed the employee to maintain responsibility on her behalf own activities while the Movie director of Product sales fulfilled her or his duties (University of Phoenix, arizona, 2013).

The Results point of view leaned toward sensibility, impacting on the decision to share with Gayle the Director of Sales cannot guarantee confidentiality until the staff tells the Director of Sales the particular issue can be. The decision motivated the employee to speak about the situation so the Director of Sales can help the employee (University of Phoenix az, 2013). In the matter of Cold Ft, the honest issue was how to handle a false survey while conserving the sincerity of G-BioSport (University of Phoenix, 2013). Using the five-step process from the Relationship Zoom lens perspective, a single attended to the context by simply reading the emails, thoroughly considering the info presented, and determined the stakeholders involved (University of Phoenix, 2013).

Next the Senior Man of science recognized the standard liberties, the justification to notice, the right to voice, plus the right to have contracts honored, of the people of the community (University of Phoenix, 2013). After knowing the basic liberties, the Mature Scientist decided which two stakeholders were the most and the least advantaged, put together this know-how with the discovered basic liberties, and find the best option pertaining to resolving the issue (University of Phoenix, 2013). The final step included reflecting in one’s decision (University of Phoenix, 2013).

When using the Standing Lens perspective, after the Elderly Scientist determined the stakeholders, he or she described his or her very own role relating to his or her ethical beliefs (University of Phoenix, 2013). Next the Senior Man of science acted with courage, finding the most ethical option in addition to the final step, mirrored on his or perhaps her decision (University of Phoenix, 2013). The Relationship Contact lens perspective bent toward rationality, influencing the Senior Science tecnistions to inform Doctor Waters the Senior Man of science will begin an in-house investigation without mentioning the “whistleblower” (University of Phoenix, 2013).

The decision based upon fairness, allowed the Elderly Scientist to adhere to the notice of insurance plan by facing his or her friend and updating the Chief Legal Officer in the situation (University of Phoenix az, 2013). The Reputation Lens perspective bent toward sensibility, influencing the Senior Man of science to inform Doctor Waters of the concerns and not mention the “whistleblower” and telling the General Advice of feasible misconduct in the event Doctor Oceans did not admit or explain the problems (University of Phoenix, arizona, 2013). Through this decision, the Senior Scientist gave their colleague the main benefit of the doubt and may need to work with the main Legal Expert to determine an appropriate method of fixing the issue (University of Phoenix az, 2013).

The idea of not tolerating sexual harassment in the workplace pertains to my work environment because a certain assistant manager in brief dated a line prepare food. After the collection cook concluded the relationship, the assistant manager continually commanded the queue cook to execute extra tasks and penalized the line cook for any mistakes made either by the collection cook or any other worker as well as was adament the line cook resume internet dating the manager. The line make informed the general manager of the situation and requested a transfer to another store.

The overall manager privileged the line cook’s request and disciplined the assistant manager. Even though the relationship was consensual involving the line cook and assistant manager, after the series cook decided to end the relationship, and the manager continued to pursue the queue cook, a sexual harassment issue ensued. Ethical decisions made in businesses can be difficult for one to make, but the several perspectives or perhaps lenses, Rights and Tasks, Results, Romantic relationship, and Reputation, along with the Baird Decision Version can make determing the best action much easier.

The goal to making the most ethical decision for a dilemma is to lessen any unwanted effects on any of the stakeholders involved while getting attentive, brilliant, reasonable, accountable, and reflective. Depending on which perspective 1 uses, a single will trim toward both rationality, such as with the Privileges and Duties as well as the Romantic relationship Lens, or perhaps toward sensibility, such as with the Results and Reputation Zoom lens..

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