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Genetically Modified Food Should Be Banned or Not? Essay

Currently a problem of genetically customized food can be widespread around the globe. GM foods are genetically altered using biotechnology. More and more GENERAL MOTORS foods appear on the racks of our stores and supermarkets nowadays, and make their way in our kitchens.

GM meals are designed for greater resistance to infections and pests, higher vitamins and minerals and for a longer time shelf life. Nevertheless , their security, potential hazards and moral concerns are still being debated. So , should certainly genetically customized crops become banned or perhaps not? Proponents of GENERAL MOTORS foods ensure that these foods secure for man consumption, nevertheless critics argue that their results have not been studied long enough.

First discussion for banning GM food is that it badly affects our health and well-being. A few studies have linked consumptions of GM foods to liver and kidney challenges. The remedies and hormones given to bovine and birds are found for the human body and we don’t know yet the extent to which these trigger chronic disease. Moreover innate engineering may introduce allergens into foods, causing allergy symptoms in people that consume the foods. Another argument is that GM food does not profit people, only large corporations that produce and sell all of them.

In the most all cases the fruit and vegetables are customized to look more attractive and be greater so that these companies can make more income. They do not add to the taste or perhaps freshness of nutrition with the food. On the other hand GM products along with disadvantages have their benefits also. A lot of people assume that genetically modified foods will help you to solve the food crisis at a later date, and so support humanity to outlive.

Firstly, most of sorts of GM plants happen to be stable against illnesses and mean weather condition. Also, GM food is definitely cold understanding. An antifreeze gene has become introduced in plants such as tobacco and potato. With this antifreeze gene, these types of plants have the ability to tolerate cold temperatures that normally could kill unmodified seedlings.

Secondly, they ripen fast and maintain longer than usual plants. It is easier to transfer them and keep fresh for a long period. In my opinion, genetic engineering ought to be banned mainly because young technology will have several diseases due to eating unhealthful food.

Of course , this is a huge industry nowadays that obviously can’t end up being stopped, although I believe that you have other ways to save lots of people coming from hunger. Sources: 1 . Genetically Modified Vegetation Should be Banned 2 . Murphy, Tom. The Arguments to get and Against Genetically Altered (GM) Food. D. p., 15 06 2009.

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Should Genetically Modified Food (GM Foods) Be Banned? Specifics & Infographic.

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