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Reconstruction Era of the United States Essay

ninety two. In 1865 an appointment happened between staff of an African American community in Savannah, Georgia and Edwin Staunton, Admin of Warfare, and Main General Sherman concerning issues of the freedman in Georgia.

Land was set aside, 40 acres, and a babouche that could not be used by the Army to ascertain a community that belongs to them. 2 . The standard rights which were granted for the fomer slaves were the justification to marriage, control of property, and engagement in the the courtroom system but only if it was not getting all white-colored cases. The basic rights that have been denied to them by black code were the right to vote, personal firearms, and marry/cohabitate/ fornicate outside of all their race. Queen: Do you think as though the freedmen were really cost-free since these kinds of rules and regulations had been bestowed upon them? ninety five. This was a sharecropping agreement between Thomas J. Ross, a area owner, and 8 freedmen.

The deal set the principles, regulations, and remunerations for sharecropping Ross’s land. 1 ) The agreement limits the freedom of the laborers in that they may be still under the power of the land owner, with basically the same guidelines as being a servant except these people were getting paid in the crop for their job. 2 . The rewards for the freed people of the sharecropping layout the security of land to work and half the harvest, the risks of the sharecropping arrangement would have been the chance of tiny crop and still being dependant on the Whites. Queen: Do you feel as though sharecropping as a whole, with all the good plus the bad, was a good idea? ninety six.

During the Reconstruction period Elizabeth Staunton required the idea of equal rights for women. In her dissertation she indicated ways that individuals are equal however, not seen as staying so , she also believed that ladies should be able to election.

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