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Jews Without Money Essay

1 . Make connections from the publication to show the way the immigrants who came to America in the late 1800’s tried to keep some of their “homeland” traditions surviving in their new environment. Describe, at least 3 distinct examples of this. One way how the immigrants whom came to America tried to maintain their “homeland” traditions is definitely when John and Antonia wanted to go see the new Russian’s who had occupied their town. When they stopped at Peter (One of the Russian’s), he planned to keep the friends entertained, and so he pulled out a harmonica and started playing it for them.

Sean said that ” Peter seemed about perplexity for something that would entertain us. He ran into the storeroom and brought out a gaudily coated harmonica”(pg 29) this means that back Russia they used harmonicas as a usage of entertainment which is a homeland traditions. Another “homeland tradition” is usually when “Mr. Shimerda increased, crossed himself, and silently knelt straight down before the tree”(pg 61) because of this the Bohemian family is extremely religious as well as the Burdens friends and family doesn’t do this behavior. One other example of a homeland tradition is once Mr.

Shimerda used to enjoy his attache in Spain with his good friend and watch the flowers full bloom which Antonia says “he used to stay there with his friend and play trombone”(pg 159) he couldn’t perform his trombone anymore because he had zero other friends over in America and the traditions died out seeing that he relocated to America. installment payments on your Why would Mr. Shimerda commit suicide and how made it happen impact his family. Provide 2 certain examples. Mister. Shimerda dedicated suicide because he was sense depressed and couldn’t deal with the stress.

His only close friends that he made in America acquired died and went back for their country, that was Pavel and Peter. Peter told Mister. Shimerda that “he was unable to meet a note which fell because of on the initially November”(pg 38) which means that they were in debt and couldn’t pay out Wick Used vinyl cutter and this result in him leaving America. As well when “Pavel strained himself lifting timbers for a fresh barn, and fell above among the shavings with such a gush of blood from the lungs”(pg 38) he died shortly after this incident and wished to talk to Mr.

Shimerda before this individual died which usually impacted him a lot into killing him self from the loss of his good friends. Another reason for what reason Mr. Shimerda killed himself is because his family didn’t have a lot of foodstuff stored up for winter “the potatoes had been frozen and were decaying, in the other was a very little pile of flour”(pg 52) The loss of Mister. Shimerda close friends and the shortage of food at some point led him to committing suicide. three or more.

How does the “coming of age” experience differ intended for Jim and Antonia because they move by childhood to adulthood? Explain one of all their “coming of age” experience from the publication. The “coming of age” is definitely diverse between Rick and Antonia because they may have totally different lives.

Antonia has it a lot harder and she even tells this to Jim when she says “If I live here, just like you, that is diverse. Things will probably be easy for you. But they will probably be hard for people. “(pg 96) Antonia should not have an ordinary child life as Jim has seeing that she is too busy working on her farm building, he demands her in the event that she really wants to join the first term of the institution year but she says “I ain’t acquired time to study. I can work like mans now.

My mother can’t say no longer how Ambrosch do every and nobody to assist him”(pg 85) this implies that Jim can get a proper education by gonna school yet Antonia are unable to because of all the work that needed to be done on her farm. Once Antonia can be older the girl works to get Mr. Used vinyl cutter, he is an extremely sick guy who tries to rape Antonia when his wife is usually not around.

He will buy a Mrs. Cutter a ticket intended for the train sends her away and tries to engage Antonia although she is eliminated. He sets jewelery underneath Antonia pickup bed which gives him a reason to go in her room to seduce her and explains to her certainly not invite her friends to be with her at night. Life for Antonia is a lot more difficult for her than it is to get Jim. four.

How does the surroundings of the great plains effects the development of Rick and Antonia? As John grows old into adult life what does he remember of the Great Flatlands. Do these kinds of memories produce anxiety or bring ease and comfort to Rick?

Explain The surroundings of the wonderful plains impacts Jim and Antonia in several ways. Sean feels the fact that environment with the great flatlands would be boring when he says “here was nothing but land: not a region at all, but the material out of which countries are made. Zero, there was only land somewhat undulating”(pg 9) The environment which the Great Flatlands impacts Antonia is negative because the girl tells Sean “If I live below, like you, that is certainly different. Things will be simple for you. However they will be hard for us. “(pg 96) This means that Jim and Antonia have different ways of browsing the environment that they live in.

When ever Jim develops older he becomes even more focussed in his studies nevertheless he continue to remembers the truly amazing Plains and the ones memories ease and comfort Jim. John says that “For the very first time it struck me that I ought to be homesick for the river after I left this. ” (pg 158) Therefore for the first time Rick actually yearns for his outdated life on the Great Plains. 5. Assess the different immigrant groups differing values and religious values to the traditional values of frontier lifestyle. Give 2 – 3 specific cases from the publication.

When Mister. Shimerda was alive he “rose, entered himself, and quietly knelt down prior to the tree”(pg 61) on Christmas. He principles what he has on Holiday and this individual sees how the Burden’s do something about Christmas which means this makes him pray ahead of the Christmas Tree while Jim watches him. Christmas must be very important religiously to Mr.

Shimerda for the reason that Burden’s would not kneel ahead of the tree. Mr. Shimerda is usually Catholic even though the Burdens happen to be Protestant. Once Mr.

Shimerda died “It developed that Mrs. Shimerda and Ambrosch wanted the man smothered on the southwest corner of their own land. “(pg 78) It was a custom made in Bohemia and to the neighbors surrounding them it viewed bad. These are generally the different values that the Shimerda’s had to the standard ways of frontier life.

6. What emblems does Cather use to signify the key ideas in her novel? (hint: the plow, sunsets, the landscape, sunflowers) The landscape is used to represent a key idea of the new because it represents how John feels about your life on the Superb Plains. Jim feels to start with “For above all else I experienced motion inside the landscape; inside the fresh, easy blowing early morning wind, and in he the planet itself”(pg 15) This means that the landscape produced Jim feel great and in a mellow feeling. It did not put him in bad feeling yet made him feel fresh and happy.

Cather uses flowers to represent house sickness intended for Antonia when she explains to Jim “It makes me homesick, Jimmy, this flower, this kind of smell, “(pg 159) The moment Antonia scents this blossom it makes her consider her region, this same feeling happens to Rick when he goes from the Great Plains to the city he still misses the old life he previously as a child.

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