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Current Network Characteristics and Components Essay

In reviewing the Kudler Intranet site it can be determined that most three Kudler offices happen to be connected via a dedicated T3 line, create as a tour bus topology. Each location is created around a 100base T, fast Ethernet environment.

La Jolla serves as the home office location and the location for the main company machine. The main storage space is an IBM knife server program C3000 having a UNIX os. As the primary company storage space it operates all the corporate and business procurement and logistic computer software (SAP, ERP) and is in charge of all the print/file services, network services, company e-mail, storage area control, as well as the internal and external world wide web. Server back-up is furnished by a 10GB network-attached safe-keeping system. The retail stores are connected to the network via a point of sale server and point of sale ports.

Communications out-and-in of La Jolla is definitely ported through two Cisco routers with firewalls. The La Jolla location at the moment has 19 VoIP cell phones and 19 employees. Because previously stated, both the De Mar and Encinitas places are built around a 100base To network.

Both locations include a local hardware which is also an IBM blade server program C3000 with a UNIX operating system. Both web servers run precisely the same services in the main company server with the exception of the corporate purchase and logistic software. Full locations likewise run a similar point of sales ports. Each location currently has six employees and 6 VoIP mobile phones. There are a total on 40 computers coupled to the company network.

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