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Educational monitoring system using android os


The transportability, open source mother nature of smart phones and android OS intended for PC upon android advancement platform made the development of software software for various conditions as convenient. In this application are resulted in paper much less work, simple to operate and time saving in nature. The wireless communication technology of smart phone allows the information transfer from the current client to remote repository server, anywhere the network range exists. The Academic Monitoring System is a mobile computing software program, which concentrates on an activity or perhaps function, which is based on managing information system of academic organizations.

Overall the machine is behaving as a highly effective tool, in assisting the graceful functions in the academic activities of an educational institution. The entire system development is proposed with Android os development program. Keywords: Educational Monitoring System, Mobile Computing, Android os based Software program Systems, On-line Database Management Program, Web Technology.


The nature of moveability and helpful use of smart phone led all of them in use of varied applications where ever the personal computer system is utilized today.

This job is about “Academic Activity Monitoring System (AAMS) (every faculties posting presence details can be easily tracked out). The device will include the information about the attendance with the students credit rating system to keep a their particular performance record. This software system is inlayed into google android application which will runs in android OS for LAPTOP OR COMPUTER. In present system, every single faculty placing attendance particulars can be quickly traced away. The whole session is stored in the data source and at the final of the semester or period report will probably be generated. The existing system is not really user-friendly for the reason that computer centered attendance supervision and monitoring activities are handled with the help of manual and keying data to the database. The existing system functions with intranet and internet functionality with away time info entry in the database. The situation of real-time data access is suggested in this project work. The inter-related databases and desks provide a flexibility of non-e maintenance of certain records and avoids manual calculations. This monitoring program helps the management to manage their supervision activities with efficiency. Even more secured by way of information than traditional educational activity monitoring system.


Mobile Computing & PC Processing

Distributed Computing


The teachers activities and functionalities will be monitored in manual with the help of human. Collecting all presence details of particular hour about real time is impossible job, when it is managed manual or semi electronic. Updating the database by making use of PC primarily based computation is not a real-time activity.


Lack of in-availability of information in real time.

Period delay in data updating to the databases.

Ingest large volume of paper work.

Manual work


The entire program development is proposed with mobile computing principles. The recommended system will certainly easily manage all the info and the processes handled with this system is like the existing program with a single variant since mobile computation instead of PERSONAL COMPUTER computation. The monitoring program proposed this is basically an integrated web task. The suggested project could be implemented using android. It allows the user to interact with the program in a graphic user friendly approach. This system gets rid of the disadvantages of the existing system and provides real time availability of information as reports. Portability is one of the major key elements in this job. In this system fully on the net data server based app.


Easily check whether pertaining to attendance content or certainly not based on real time. The top level and central management people can screen their managing activities from other place with out need of manual or human physical monitoring. Each day attendance particulars are available for the management personals on his desktop. Time keeping.

It is user friendly.


4. 1 ) Modules:

User Component ” Administrator

Presence Posting Module ” Teachers

Bring up to date Database Module ” Presence

Internet Connectivity Component ” Android Client to Web Storage space based On-line Database, PHP Scripts

4. installment payments on your Design & Development:

User Module ” Supervisor

Frontend: Android Design

Backend: PHP Pièce Deployment in Web Server, Online Databases Design Presence Posting Component ” Class Attendance Details with Time and Date (Theory & Laboratory)

Upgrade Database Module ” Submitting Attendance Specifics with Time and Date, Volume of Students Present and Missing. Internet On-line Module ” Android Client Connection with Campus WIFI, Retrieving the data to online repository through webserver and PHP scripts


This kind of project will assist the teacher to post presence or certainly not time and measurements required to bring up to date the presence manually. Supervisor to identify intended for faculty actions in during class hour through internet services. `


The moment every faculty to submitting attendance details such as course hall number, subject code, staff identity, number of pupils present and absent specifics easily tracked out. And so easily monitoring every category details and staff actions through world wide web server.









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