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Critic opinions of the account of the westboro

The West, Westboro Baptist Church

Westboro Baptist Church

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Prior to watching this kind of short documentary on the Westboro Baptist House of worship, I already had my own, personal bias concerning their so-called “religious organization” I thought what they were performing and talking was despicable and truly saddening. Now that I’ve learned about their morals more thoroughly, I can better and more informatively piece together my personal opinion about them. What I comprehended about the Westboro Baptist Church out of this film is that they are a completely narcissistic. They will truly believe they are the only ones meant for bliss, that all others who does not agree with options ultimately going to hell. You cannot find any between not any middle surface. You will be either with them or against all of them.

At first minutes with the documentary, John Theroux, the BBC reporter, asks Shirley Phelps, the daughter of Westboro’s owner, asks if perhaps she considers herself to get in a conspiracy (9: 40). She defensively responds that she is does not care about “all about that rubbish ” relating to accusations to be a cult and that “we are the types who happen to be strictly adhering to the projet of faith of all the mainline religions”.

I really do not assume that their actions are purely faith based as their main ideologies depend on sociopolitical stances. From incredibly dehumanizing homophobic views to believing Barack Obama is the antichrist and that will lead the apocalypse. What I found was interesting was that their landscapes aligned with those of white-colored supremacists nevertheless laced throughout the film is definitely their evident hatred for United States and the flag. In a few parts of the film, you will see them hanging the US flag upside down and tying them to their foot to show that they will be walking over it. Yet, there is absolutely no extreme general public uproar during these “anti-patriotic” functions unlike when Colin Kaepernick peacefully protested against the particular US flag represents by kneeling throughout the american promise, give your word.

Something I would question a member from the crew to better appreciate their spiritual motivations is what are the routes they need to take to achieve solution? The documentary focused even more on the hate involved with the corporation but failed to touch much upon the particular their religion different from others. Is shouting these bad and disheartening slurs and statements the best way that their God helps you to save them via going to terrible? What comprises basic aspects of religion like soul, home or forgiveness for them? Overall, I believe the fact that attention the fact that Westboro Baptist Church gets is what powers them to continue expanding their very own hatred and prophecies.

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