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Over reliance on technology article

It can 2010 as well as the human species as we know is at a breathtaking technological crossroads. Globally, we have defined the age of technological and industrial growth. As a whole our society is definitely improving upon all of the technical inventions to supply the general public with seamless automatic and easy applications to the personal and work existence. In the regarding pin size microchips and artificial intellect the heavens is the limit to our advancement of more quickly and more integrated technology.

All of us as a society have appreciated all of the fresh technological breakthroughs and have built-in it during all areas of human your life. This over reliance upon technology has taken away an aspect of man interaction that is vital towards the way we certainly have conducted yourself in the past.

That brings up a large number of questions about the role technology plays in our every day lives. We seem to be around the constant seek out ways that reduce the time proved helpful. I-phones, Cell phone and other interaction devices are getting quicker and more integrated.

Especially, the I-phone has applications that can be downloaded pertaining to anything. There is an application that can be downloaded that links your I-phone to your homes burglar alarm as well an application that can cipher account details for alarm systems as well. Yes, Certainly that this is a direction we have been catapulted in and it seems like there is not a security net for all of us.

Reliance upon technology means that our personal world are not able to function with no use of technological devices. In respect to a examine done by National Public Radio, 68% of american citizens say that each uses a computer at work. Of those 68%, 84% say that the use of a computer is crucial for their job getting completed. (Mcphilson)

A great model showing just how technological breakthroughs have taken away the human fun experience entails the insurance sector. According to a article by simply Ara C Trembly, this individual explains how new customer care technology applied by the major insurance companies over the United States is unsucssesful to live up to the satisfaction in the majority of these companies clients. This individual states “For example, at the outset of this decade. Customer romantic relationship management (CRM) technology was all the rage in insurance circles with carriers falling above each other hoping to get (CRM) systemsimplemented within generally there companies. As much now find out, (CRM) was-on balance- a colossal flop in the insurance industry. It was a fully computerized system that led clientele through a hammer toe maze of automated guidelines for the client. This thought was not approved by the consumers as a whole. This caused great confusion and landed the majority of the companies in hot water with there customers.  (Trembly)

The main reason intended for the (CRM) failure was your lack of insight into the clients and not being able to connect to a live rep in a timely manner to go over there economic inquiries. The program was doomed from the beginning. What the insurance industry failed to recognize was that precisely the same visceral human being interactive encounter that guaranteed the clientele in the first place had been replaced with a robotic voice that may not be spoken to. The public on the whole rejected this kind of technological progression due to a lack of human conversation.

Further guarding the standpoint that above reliance about technology can be detrimental, a paper by Shankar Vedantam talks about what he describes because the “automation paradox. This individual shows just how disaster might erupt via over reliance on technology meant to reduce human error. Although, generally addressing automated systems just like cruise control, he cites a cruiseship accident in which crewmembers were so trusting of their GPS NAVIGATION that when the unit accidently shut off, the crew did not recognize and simply implemented the urgent plan course. He says “The problem is when ever individuals learn to over trust or turn into complacent and set too much emphasis on the software.  (Marcellus)

It reveals how we are becoming so dependent on technology especially, GPS UNIT, that we are certainly not trained to detect if the details being passed in to the transmission device is correct or not. Back in the old ocean going days just before GPS and radar had been available the captains and crew of all of the big water liners were well versed in charting roadmaps, currents and reading compasses. The development of radar and desear helped the skippers graph there training more precisely. The invention of GPS fundamentally allowed for complete course graphs with limited crew user interface.

The GPS NAVIGATION program might chart, estimatefuel consumption and engage in autopilot so the obligations of the maritime crews altered. The training is now eased by using computers and GPS. The true math calculations and degree settings which the crew would work as a team to create is now getting produced in secs, not always right I may add by a microchip and satellite television. Humans happen to be regressing in education and knowledge due to the over reliability on pcs and technology.

We seem to be embracing many of these technological advancements without fully understanding the long-term ramifications on this decision. Our company is constantly seeking out short term gains and advancements without really taking into consideration the complete big picture for future decades. As the absolute most vital connection we personal, our laptop as a tool is an amazingly useful help. It has helped architects and engineers style and provide very reliable, interesting constructions and structures. It has allowed us to split atoms and classify the human genome. Completely take those guesswork out of business intelligence and product require curves. This even allows us to exchange profit the form of bits and bytes rather than actual paper money changing hands. As being a foundation pertaining to an important financial pillar in our country we may heading for difficulties. It is recognized in the THAT community that any computer system can be hacked into.

Something arises with amount of trust you should put into this kind of technology knowing that at any minute your computer can compromised by hackers and wrongdoers. We as a society have reached our capacity on our electric grids. Becoming so reliant on electricity to run our new technological devices this might sound like a rather simple idea in order to bring down a modern day society. Cut the electric away. Talk about staying thrown into the early 1800’s real speedy. As each of our thirst pertaining to electricity raises and our infrastructure does not keep pace with require we will be ultimately be forced to live like the pre-electric 1800’s time people. We as varieties have become incredibly sedentary and non motile with all of our technological equipment that make existence easier but less fun. The price we pay as a society will be enormous. Rather than trying to make our lives much easier we should be growing ways to associated with species as a whole more adaptative to new technology without losing the human interaction. (Technology Reliance)

Could be when it is almost all said and done we have to have taken several meaningful guide from our Amish brother and sisters. According to an content by James Surowiecki of Technology Assessment “Amish individuals are less likely to have depression and they are consistently more happy than the associated with society. This is partly as a result of strong community ties, steady families and unchanging beliefs. Not assuming in modern technology such as the Amish people believe that made for reliability on there other man rather than Blackberry. Villages would get together and build residences for the residents and providing the fact that was needed to maintain a fruitful happy life. (Surowiecki)

The Amish persons make for a very good argument that technology would not have to be over relied upon. In summary, technology as you may know and appreciate it is always compounding on alone. We being a society ought to embrace the advancements of our great inventors but never forget the process it took to receive that point. Technology without education is unnecessary. We can overcome this dilemma by certainly not letting education standards go by the wayside while our technology competitions to infinitude, infiniteness.

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