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Ecological Succession Essay

Ecology is the scientific study of connections among organisms and their environment. In relation to The Lion Ruler, ecology is the circle of life. Environmental succession can alter a community by looking into making exponential becomes the environment over time, symbiotic relationships are essential in maintaining a stable ecosystem because they provide competition, parasitism, mutualism, and commensalism to have balanced populations, and the impact of the change in the meals web will be drastic for the ecosystem mainly because one transform can and may alter the existence of every dog in the ecosystem. Ecological Succession is expected changes after some time.

Ecological sequence relates to ecology because that they both are a sort of change in a great ecosystem, varieties, or affected person. Ecological succession can change a residential area by making rapid changes to the ecosystem over time. An example of ecological succession inside the Lion Full is when ever Scar, a lion, requires command of Pride Ordinary, an environment, and enables the hyenas take over the land and climb to the top of the foodstuff chain after some time. This video example differs than a real world situation mainly because hyenas will most likely not be able to take over a population of lion’s just right the food sequence. Ecological sequence changed the city in this motion picture example by rearranging the order from the food sequence.

Another example of ecological sequence in The Lion King is definitely when the satisfaction land’s ecosystems were ruined by fireplace and other damaging elements, the initiation of secondary succession took place. This kind of example of ecological succession from The Lion King is the same as a real life situation because during extra succession, an ecosystem continues to be destroyed and gradually regains its past appearance and performance, which was proven in the video. Ecological succession changed the community in this motion picture example by creating a brand new ecosystem as a result of secondary succession. An example of ecological succession in real life is usually when the tropical isle of Krakatoa, an undeveloped land mass, exploded.

On a single site a fresh island, a volcanic cone, was born. This event is a good example of primary succession, another sort of ecological sequence. The ecological succession on st. kitts of Krakatoa changed the community by creating growth and life. The real world Krakatoa example of ecological succession is related to the two movie good examples because all three situations included different forms of ecological sequence. A symbiotic relationship is usually an ongoing relationship between two species who have live tightly together.

Symbiotic relationships will be related to ecology because they are relationships between creatures and varieties, which is exactly like the definition of ecology. Symbiotic interactions are important to maintain a stable environment because they offer competition, parasitism, mutualism, and commensalism to obtain balanced, healthier, and interactive populations. A good example of a symbiotic relationship in The Lion California king is the romantic relationship between Scratch, a lion, and the hyena population.

The Scar as well as the hyenas will be symbiotic because they have a commensalism relationship; where one benefits (hyenas) as well as the other is usually neither helped or hurt (Scar). The hyenas benefit in this relationship because their trophic level is increased on the meals chain; Scar tissue is nor helped nor harmed because he was not troubled by the change in the food chain. The symbiotic relationship between Scar plus the hyenas is important in maintaining a reliable ecosystem therefore the lion population doesn’t get total dominancy. This sort of symbiosis in the Lion California king is different by real life since hyenas is surely an energy source for lions, and so lions wouldn’t allow all their food source to be about the same trophic level as them.

This would be predation in real life. Another example of a symbiotic romantic relationship in The Lion King may be the relationship among Timon, a meerkat, and Pumbaa, a warthog. Timon and Pumbaa’s symbiosis is mutualism since both take advantage of each other’s company and energy source studies.

The movie example of a meerkat/warthog symbiotic romantic relationship is important to maintain a stable ecosystem because they share similar food origin and are on the same trophic level. This motion picture example of cooperation is different from real life mainly because meerkats and warthogs are generally not closely related in the untamed. A symbiotic relationship in real life could be the relationship among dogs and ticks, a symbiosis of parasitism. This kind of real life romance is important to maintain a stable ecosystem because the parasitism symbiosis enables an organism to feed off of one more.

This actual life example of a symbiotic relationship is different compared to the Lion Ruler examples because it is a common symbiosis, unlike the unrealistic video representations. A food web is a network of intricate interactions that link all the food chains in an ecosystem together. Foodstuff webs will be related to ecology because that they represent the interactions between species to obtain energy.

The effect of a change in the food world wide web be major to the ecosystem because a single change can easily and will alter every animal’s life in the ecosystem. The food web in the ecosystem of The Lion King would get started with the first trophic level; primary manufacturers. The manufacturers include turf, trees, and fruit. Following the first trophic level is definitely the second trophic level, consisting of herbivores, who also are main consumers. The herbivores/primary customers include cows, beetles, and red-billed hornbills.

Following the second trophic level is the third trophic level, which includes omnivores and flesh eaters, who will be secondary customers. The carnivores/omnivores/secondary consumers contain meerkats, warthogs, and hyenas. Following the third trophic level is the 4th trophic level, which includes carnivores, who happen to be tertiary buyers.

The only carnivore/tertiary consumer may be the lion inhabitants. The impact of a change in this food internet would be exponential because eery organism can be affected possibly negatively or perhaps positively because of it. This sort of a foodstuff web from your Lion Ruler is the same as an actual food web because it gets the same qualities and species that a food web could have in The african continent. An example of a real life food world wide web is one of a forest. The food net of a true to life forest could start at the first trophic level; main producers.

The primary producers incorporate trees and shrubs. Following first trophic level is a second trophic level, which includes herbivores, who are main consumers. The herbivores/primary buyers include deer, squirrels, crickets, and rabbits. Following the second trophic level is the third trophic level which includes omnivores and carnivores, who happen to be second level consumers. The omnivores/carnivores/secondary customers include capital, mice, fox, owls, and spiders.

Following a third trophic level may be the fourth trophic level which includes carnivores, whom are tertiary consumers. The only carnivore/tertiary customer in this foodstuff web may be the eagle population. The impact of the change in this food internet to the environment would be extreme, because once again, every organism would be afflicted with it.

This kind of real life meals web is similar to The Big cat King food web because they each have a similar amount of trophic amounts. Ecological sequence can change a residential area by making rapid changes to the ecosystem with time, symbiotic human relationships are important in maintaining a stable environment because they provide competition, parasitism, mutualism, and commensalism to obtain balanced masse, and the effect of a enhancements made on the food internet would be radical to the environment because one particular change can and will change every animal’s life inside the ecosystem. The movie The Big cat King acquired great instances of ecology for the reason that various heroes and types interacted with each other and their environment uniquely and distinctly.

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