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The Value of Life Essay

The value of life is a heavy and controversial believed in many ways it is necessary to put a price on fatality but in other folks it seems un-just or certainly not right to the grieving family who has just lost someone. There can not be a price in life that may be at all good to the dropped ones family but the government feels they can give one. If perhaps there must be a dollar amount about life how would you determine what it is there are many facts and thoughts on how to number that out as well, yet does virtually any dollar amount bring back the lost man or woman; certainly not. People say that a person’s following life amount should be checked out in an the same way towards the amount of money they will earned even though still living.

There family members should receive enough money so that they can continue living as if generally there loss was still being there. But since that was fair, a homeless person or somebody who hasn’t manufactured a good amount of cash over term should be really worth less than an average person or possibly a person with a higher lifestyle standard. Every single human needs to be equal to no matter the amount of money that you have got collected. A stronger idea is that just about every persons family and friends should be presented a certain amount of funds such as 500 usd, 000.

More people think that that is the the majority of fair and option. But of course we want the very best for each of our loved ones and $500, 000 does not cover those bills. But if anywhere above that were given people will try to take full advantage of it.

Faking deaths and murdering family members just for the money that is presented.

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