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Napoleon and Modern Society Essay

Benjamin Franklin once stated “They which could give up essential liberty to get a little basic safety deserve not liberty nor safety. ” I could not really agree even more with this quote.

There are so many countries that have battled for their independence, including the U. S. and France, nevertheless the question is usually how quickly these kinds of countries could sacrifice individuals hard fought liberties for their safety. When comparing France below Napoleons reign and the U. S. following September 11th you find that a person thing they may have in common is that the people were in a condition of uncertainty and confusion. Both countries had misplaced loved ones, both countries felt unsafe and scared.

For the reason that situation, the individuals turn to the federal government for support just as a tiny child transforms to their parent when they truly feel scared. Exactly what a lot of persons don’t recognize is that you are able to trust your government to help you, but your best of persons can be damaged by electricity. Napoleon Bonaparte, the greatest armed forces genius of his time, came to electrical power in Italy in 1799.

The people of France had been sick of the bloodshed of war, and hated their government. These were in limbo, stuck and unsure what to do next. That’s when Napoleon caught their eye. Having been a young commander and chief of all the People from france forces, and he received every combat. He was someone who displayed solid leadership abilities, and the people were drawn to him.

One thing regarding Napoleon that holds true is that he understood that having been a “military genius”. He pushed his luck many times especially when this individual convinced the Directory (France’s Government) that he may cut off English trade to Asia simply by occupying Egypt. He became defeated, when he ended up away to France he made sure that that loss was wiped clean of his record.

With the aid of the people this individual overthrew the French Government; this individual established a consulate of three men to govern France. Obviously he was the First Consul, who organised all the power. But just like many damaged leaders from the past, Napoleon started receiving influence by simply power.

This individual did many useful things like modernizing the government; this individual founded the financial institution of France, and reorganized higher education. But what some people don’t notice the moment reading regarding these things is the fact in the fresh school system, the children had been taught esteem and self-control, they were being brainwashed to a certain extent to admiration their federal government. Napoleon proven something known as the Napoleonic Code. It absolutely was established in 1804, and the code forbade privileges depending on birth, allowed freedom of faith, and specified that government jobs visit the most “qualified”.

The people of France followed Napoleons business lead because he demonstrated that promise penalized a good leader at first. He provided the people desire that they could see better days, and they did to some extent. But one mistake that they made was giving up their freedoms to do so. They needed change so badly that they were willing to sacrifice their freedoms! Now I realize that the French persons had been through the worst of worst, and Napoleon got advantage of that to a certain extent.

French history demonstrates that without legislation as the inspiration, a contemporary society is required to use method of violence to get human liberty. More bloodshed was the last thing France necessary, but returning one of my personal first thoughts, they were within a state of uncertainty and confusion. At this point in America, we all believe about how we all fought to get our liberties in the groundbreaking war.

Flexibility in America is the reason why all kinds of persons immigrated over. America was obviously a “Safe” place. I think for individuals, September eleventh came a massive shock.

My personal generation is one of the last that are able to remember that day. Never experienced there recently been something like this prior to, never experienced America endured through a Countrywide Crises. The once secure place has not been safe anymore. The American people created the same uncertainty and confusion the French had been in. All of us turned to each of our government pertaining to help; regardless of what we had to sacrifice all of us wanted each of our safety to get returned.

That was a big mistake. A poll was taken in 2011 for the anniversary of September 11, regarding each of our freedoms. 76% percent of men and women believed which our country can be headed inside the wrong course.

When asked how much assurance they have in the people in control, only 14% had a great deal of confidence within our Executive Subset of Government and later 5% percent in our congress. Not surprisingly 65% have a lot of confidence in our military. I do believe the most surprising of most would be once asked the question “if an individual from another country would be to ask you to do a list of certain rights and freedoms you could have as a citizen of the United States, what would be the initial think you should put on record? ” 48% of people clarified freedom of speech/expression/opinions, basically the 1st amendment. 6% of people didn’t actually know.

When I considered which is worse; a domineering federal government or the thinking of the people that will allow themselves to be control, I have to say that I think the 2nd one is the worst. The individuals of the domineering government know what they are engaging in, they find out they don’t have a lot of independence, but what is definitely terrible is people having these liberties and giving them up. In the event that America stays on on the course that is upon, we are advancing into a dark future.

You need to open their eyes to see that areas like France who battled over and over again intended for freedom then simply gave it up, wound up in a place we don’t want to be in. We have the freedoms many people die for each and every day, and that we are willing to sacrifice that to get safety. Safety is important, but you may be wondering what is worse is not being able to choose.

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