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Causes Animal Extinction Essay

Select one of the following topics and write a 3-paragraph essay composed of an Preliminary Paragraph, 1 Supporting Paragraph and a Concluding Paragraph. Requirements: 1) Your preliminary paragraph should never exceed a hundred and fifty words, your body paragraph should not exceed 200 words, as well as the concluding paragraph should not exceed 150 terms.

2) Your thesis assertion should consist of at least 3 neighborhoods and choose only ONE neighborhood to develop the supporting section. 3) Type your article using Arial font, 12 pt., and spaced by 1 . 5 between lines. Remember to consist of page quantities.

4) You have to cite functions from authorities. Include at least TWO (2) specific supporting details of different types (e. g. quotations or paraphrase/ statistics/ good examples from different sources as well as references / online journals). Citation and referencing must be using the APA format. 5) Essays which have been submitted following your deadline will probably be penalized 2 points each day unless you include prior approval/extension date, or a good and confirmable explanation. If you need action, see your instructor.

Extensions are in his/her acumen. TOPIC you Many overseas students have an interest in studying in Malaysia for a lot of reasons. Yet , some of these learners do not arrive at all their colleges after successfully obtaining their college student visa. Occasionally, those absentees were found being associated with vice actions such as prostitution and medication dealing. Recommend some strategies that can be integrated by the government and education institutions to stop foreign college students from misusing their pupil VISA.

TOPIC 2 Just about every 4-5 years, Malaysia undergoes the political election process by which the people select the visitors to lead the government. However , most of the younger generation do not want to participate in the voting process. Suggest the ways to encourage youth adults to register since voters. MATTER 3 It really is easy for visitors to forget that whenever they travelling alone, whether via public transportation or by themselves, they are in fact exposed to various dangerous situations, such as crime. Hence, it is essential for all to acquire some basic safety guidelines to prevent or safeguard oneself via danger.

Recommend the safety measures that a person can take whilst travelling only.

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