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Customer service contributes to customer satisfaction Essay

In this Assignment I want to describe how consistent and reliable customer service contributes to customer satisfaction, explain why presentation, interpersonal and communication skills are very important to customer service. And I will also anticipate and meet the needs of by least 3 different clients in a range of scenarios. Task 1 In this activity I should identify how consistent and reliable customer service leads to customer satisfaction.

The national client council is convinced that smart businesses should ensure that precisely the same member of staff works with an individual buyer from the beginning for the end what means in case you welcome a buyer you should try to handle the customer and help the customer right up until the customer would like to go or dos not require your help anymore or perhaps till this individual buy anything. Whilst this can be the ideal, that isn’t always possible. Therefore , most organisations provide exceptional training to staff to ensure that each person has got the same approach with exterior customer.

This really is likely to concentrate on the following aspects of the job. 5. Scope of job position You should know what you can do and what you should not do as part of your job as well as the type of problems you must make reference to a manager.

This should not stop you using your initiative to solve a straightforward issue quickly, for example if you have not do you should certainly use your own effort to look for something to do right up until a customer comes or if the customer provides a problem simply by not getting what he wants to get you can ask these people if they want your help and if you may help them you must help simply by explaining exactly where they can have it from and you ought to take care that you do not overstep the limits of your job role by making arrangement or promises that is certainly outside the authority. * Type and quality of product or service That means you have to know the range of goods or solutions that are available, for anyone who is selling consumable items, just like chocolates. Anyone who sells pricey items or perhaps complex solutions should also be able to give helpful advice on the finest buys or perhaps most reliable suppliers, based on their own knowledge, reviews from other costumers and press reports.

2. Accessibility/Availability There is nothing at all more bothersome for customers that to want some thing and then locate they are not available. This can correspond with a product they may have seen promoted but that has now sold-out for example in case you have an appointment with someone who simply cannot see you for a while or a space in a hotel which is totally booked. In this situation your work is to sympathise with the customer’s disappointment; make an effort to help them when you can and give the information to your employer. This is important.

If you have received many inquiries for the same thing in a day and disappointed many people, the share levels just for this product must be reviewed. 2. Staff frame of mind and behavior The importance of all staff having a constantly positive frame of mind and performing courteously and professionally to customers can not be underestimated. This means if your staffs have great attitude and behaviour absolutely free themes will feel comfortable and free to talk to employees and it also makes customers truly feel valued and respected. * Time Getting close to people at the wrong time, or if they are stressed, raise red flags to or occupied can get an undesirable response. Your car or truck this by accident, simply apologise and declare you will contact them afterwards.

Being aware of the timing also means not keeping people waiting unduly; organizing appointments, phone calls and deliveries at your consumers convenience, certainly not yours; without failing to call people back exactly as you promised. By this method you appear reliable for the customers. 2. Meeting certain customer needs The skill sets of conference customer demands involves discovering these by talking to the customer, and after that matching them to the range of goods and providers that you can present. Most customers will be pleased with this aspect of customer care because it provides them a feeling of importance.

Job 2 Through this task I ought to explain why presentation, interpersonal and interaction skills are crucial to customer satisfaction. Presentation expertise These skills relate to me personally as a person. What do other people see as I approach? Will i attract them or alert them?

This has nothing to do with appearance but everything to do having a welcoming laugh, appropriate outfits and a brilliant appearance. Business presentation skills include: * Gestures; Body language is among the presentations expertise. Body language is a term of communication employing body motions. One of the standard body language signal is if a person can be crossing his arms through the chest this could mean that the person is adding a obstacle between him self and others but it really can also show that a the person is articulating opposition this is specially therefore , if the person is bending away from the speaker.

But traversing his arms across the chest can also show that the person is deeply considering something. You probably can indicate someone that you are interested in what he’s telling you should you keep eye contact. * One more presentations skill is also clothes code this means if you operate an office you have to wear an attire or should you be working elsewhere where they have their own consistent you must have on their uniform and it has to be clean. A large number of people is going to consider it rude if your gown is too considerably above the costume code. Too much means if you are working for example in ASDA and you are within the coat to work, many customers will not likely know that you are one of many staffs.

But if you are working in an environment where they don’t need to wear any uniform, then you certainly must have a fantastic sense to dress effectively. * Face expression is likewise a presentation skill; facial expression is a result from more than one motions in the muscles of the face. This movement express the mental state of the individual to experts. Facial expressions are a form of nonverbal communication. Expressions happen to be closely associated with emotion.

It could be nearly impossible to prevent expressions for certain emotions mainly because if you see someone that you believe he or she is highly unattractive you could show a quick expression of disgust prior to you will be able to reassume a neutral appearance and if you don’t have this skill it can be hard so that you can work in a place with different consumers or additional staff members. Interpersonal skills are how persons relate to one another, in other words it means how you act when you are coping with other people. Having positive social skills increase the productivity within a business.

Interpersonal skills incorporate: * First impression; your interpersonal skills are on show as soon as you greet a customer for the time you say goodbye of course, if your first sight to a customer is good the client might arrive again. * Behaviour This is what you need to do and so why you do it in other words it is the activities or reactions from you, by way of example if you are a great person, you are going to normally act in a pleasant and friendly way to other peoples. * Frame of mind Your attitude is a way you believe. For example in case you are depressed you’re going to be negative, should you be fed up then you definitely will be fed up and if you are happy you will be friendly to other people.

Connection skills communication is a process whereby information is definitely imparted with a sender to a receiver therefore need to talk to you consumer as well and exactly how you do this is important. If you are communicating with a customer you should look after your * Your speech this means that you should speak deafening and obviously because for anyone who is speaking too quietly or perhaps miss the endings of words, then the customer might have problems to understand you. * Your language this means that you should employ appropriate dialect for your client because it is not really appropriate to work with slangs and jargons considering that the customer will not likely understand what you are discussing. * The pitch of the voice this means that you should take care of how you will sound.

Such as if you have to speak to a group of people you must raise your head and speak more fully and plainly but devoid of shouting. And you ought to know how to pitch your tone of voice to hold the interests of the customer mainly because if you sound monotone the client will soon drop the interest. Task 3 Through this task I ought to anticipate and meet the needs of at least three different customers in a range of circumstances. * Ease of access for turn off peoples one example is those with wheelchairs.

The business makes their stores accessible for wheelchair end user by having big signs that are clear and easy to read, a ramp as an option to steps, opportunities should also end up being wide and simple to open and the widths happen to be allowing wheelchairs and the elevation of counter areas and shelves as well allows wheelchairs. The business also needs to have toilets that focus on wheelchair users. And the personnel should also take time to help individuals in wheelchairs if they want help.

2. Health and safety The business makes all their store healthy and safe by looking into making sure that every selling environments are assassed for risk so that any kind of hazards happen to be minimised, this means, the business must keep the workplace clean, they must make sure that their flooring surfaces, steps, stairs, passages and gangways are properly preserved and it is held from any kind of obstruction and any compound likely to result in a person to slip and show up. If you, as a staff member, discover something that can affect the health and safety in the commercial then you should do something about it just before something happened, for example in case you see a thing on the floor that could make an individual fall then you certainly should take the fact away from the floors or in the event the floor can be wet you should put a sign there the floor is usually wet in order that no one can show up. * Email The company makes sure that there is a email consideration so that they can mail emails to customers and others.

If you send a email you should make sure that you just chose the right message style and structure and that you stick to the recommended organization format. As well as the email also needs to be drafted in a polite and on your best behavior way as well as the wording ought to be appropriate for the case. But it will be useful say for example you want to give an email into a customer you must mark the email as excessive priority if it could be important for the consumer.

And for you as a staff member you should have the skill sets to send an email which means that you have to be a capable to apply the appropriate customer service a great to make sure that you chose a great tone and degree of formality depending upon the individual and your reason for writing and it is important that the organization mails ought to comply with organisational rules and recognised criteria.

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