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Business procedure re engineering evaluation of

Business design, Multinational Corporation, Business Operations, Global Supply Chain

Excerpt from Term Paper:

This has been found throughout the e-banking for example , in which quality method mapping is normally used for efficiency the customer services and support processes to reduce costs and encourage buyer involvement (Akamavi, 2005).

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One finding that resonates through the many investigations evaluated for this literature assessment is that employing BPR it’s possible to redesign division channels, bringing greater motorisation and expense reduction to them while at the same time making a lot more centered on customers’ needs. This kind of transformation of distribution stations towards higher cost lowering and larger levels of client adoption begins when ancient systems and processes happen to be removed so customers’ requirements can be taken care of immediately more efficiently (Wehmeyer, Kipp, Riemer, 2009). It will be possible to cost-reduce channel operations while elevating customer satisfaction using BPR methods. These group of frameworks and tools offer companies have real profit stay in step with client needs.


Raphael E. Akamavi. (2005). Re-engineering service quality process mapping: e-banking process. The International Record of Financial institution Marketing, 23(1), 28-53.

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The intent with this research is to illustrate how BPM and BPR techniques can lead to greater levels of customer responsiveness and support while also creating significant price reductions. Quality process mapping is used for completing an analysis of the most critical customer-facing aspects of a bank’s procedures. The benefits show that reducing the costly aspects of customer service including manually-based customer service strategies can actually increase customer satisfaction and use of automated channels. The conclusion of the analysis demonstrates that BPM and BPR methods are critical for cost reduction while remaining in step with customer requires.

Susanne Hertz, Johny K. Johansson, Switch de Jager. (2001). Customer-oriented cost reducing: Process management at Volvo. Supply Chain Management, 6(3/4), 128-142.


The lessons learned coming from cost trimming within the source chains and distribution programs of Volvo equally apply to many other companies. This research illustrates so why it is critical intended for distribution programs and supply stores to have a real-time integration to reply quickly to customer needs. This Volvo analysis as well illustrates just how critical it really is for firms to pursue a continual determination to BPM and BPR techniques so they can stay in stage with customers’ changing needs. Volvo’s give attention to safety and stability of product style is also reflected in the examination the research workers completed, demonstrating how they required these main product characteristics and made all of them part of the supply chain – distribution funnel integration.

Wang, W., Chan, H., Pauleen, D.. (2010). Aligning business process reengineering in implementing global source chain systems by the SCOR model. Intercontinental Journal of Production Exploration, 48(19), 5647.

The provision Chain Functions Reference (SCOR) model is known as a framework intended for troubleshooting and optimizing the performance of supply chains globally. It is often widely accepted across a variety of industries being a critical idea for taking process reengineering into the tricks of companies with suppliers located globally. The researchers present how crucial it is pertaining to BPR-based approaches to channel supervision and supply sequence integration bring about greater customer responsiveness and higher client satisfactions induration over time. The model and research supplied also illustrate how essential it is to make use of BPR like a mean to tie customer-facing strategies returning to supply restaurants and distribution channels too.

Kai Wehmeyer, Alexander Kipp, Kai Riemer. (2009). Controlling the process of route alignment: Model-driven strategy creation in a international corporation. Organization Process Managing Journal, 15(1), 48-73.


For many multinational organizations (MNC) the need for keeping the a large number of channels they have coordinated and synchronized with regards to product approaches, pricing, service programs and licensing every centers on how effective their business techniques are. The utilization of BPM and BPR techniques to ensure stations globally stay stable enough to sell through while as well finding possibilities for regular performance profits is critical for profitability to be attained. The researchers present how BPR techniques happen to be successfully utilized for initiating and maintaining channel development and improvement programs to keep them centered on the customer first.

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