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Asian people in america suffer from diabetes essay

Tradition, Asian, Ethnic Group, Body mass index

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The scholarly activity that I took part in in was a workshop organized by the Hindu/Sikh community of our city on the Shri Durga Temple. The objective of the workshop was to provide basic overall health education and basic health screeningsfor example, cholesterol level checks, blood glucose level bank checks, blood pressure examinations, BMI, fat measurements, free blood pressure monitoring and a blood donation camp. The prospective market intended for the activity was your non-white, Asian-American population, the industry population that may be at elevated levels of risk for type 2 diabetes, while several analysts have shown (Hus, Araneta, Kanaya, Chiang Fujimoto, 2015; Islam et ing., 2015). The advantage of this activity to me was that I was capable of provide a few health education to the Hindu/Sikh community, which can be an Asian-American population at risk for growing type 2 diabetes. By giving this education I was able to fulfill my mandate as a health care provider with regards to assisting offering preventive care to an at risk population in my field.


The Asian-American population is a fastest developing ethnic group in the U. S. in fact it is also a group that is in danger for expanding type 2 diabetes more than any other cultural group or minority inhabitants in the U. S. mainly because the population keeps growing so quickly in America although also since it is a human population whose native Asian traditions, culture and background are considerably dissimilar to the kind of culture and environment that is found here in America. For instance, Hofstede (1984) notes in his model of cultural dimensions that there are 6 areas that distinguish different cultures from one another: Asian cultures will vary attitudes than Western nationalities with respect to permanent outlooks, unconformity, equality and also other areas. On that basis, they can find it difficult to find a healthier balance among Asian and American advices; they may certainly not realize the need to eat a good diet or to physical exercise in a nation where there is really much concentrate placed on enjoyment and riches. A SNP prepared registered nurse could obtain awareness of the way culture affects health recognition and overall health literacy simply by participating in this scholarly activity.


Through a health education approach that is culturally very sensitive and focused towards this kind of population, it truly is theorized that better prevention can be achieved (Maier-Lorentz Leininger, 2008) as well as the risks of type 2 diabetes expanding or

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