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Consumer Buying Behaviour Towards Branded Milk Essay

(An open finished pure debt fund) The item is suitable for buyers who are seeking*: d Regular returns for long term l Expense predominantly in medium to long term debt as well as money market instruments d Low risk (Blue) (An open-ended Income Scheme) The product is suitable for shareholders who are seeking*: l Regular salary over initial l UTI – Credit Opportunities Pay for Investment in floating level debt / money market devices, fixed rate debt / money market tools swapped intended for floatingratereturn Low risk (Blue) (An open-ended Income scheme) The product fits investors who are seeking*: l Reasonable income and capital appreciation over long-term l Expense in debt and money market musical instruments across several maturities & credit rating t Low risk (Blue) UTI – Gilt Advantage Fund LTP (An open-ended Gilt Scheme) The merchandise is suitable for investors who are seeking*: m Long-term credit rating risk free return l UTI – Dynamic Bond Fund (An open ended profits scheme) The product is suitable for traders who happen to be seeking*: l Optimal comes back with satisfactory liquidity more than medium-term t Investment in debt/ market bourse instruments d Low risk (Blue) Purchase in full sovereign coin securities released by the Central Government and/ or a State Government and / or any security unconditionally guaranteed by Central Government and / or a situation Government Low risk (Blue) UTI – G-SEC STP FOREX UTI – Fixed Maturity Plan (An close-ended Umbrella Income Structure comprising of several Investment Plans) The product is suitable for investors who are seeking*: d Regular income for short-term l Investment in Debt/Money Market Instrument/ Govt.

Investments l Low risk (Blue) 1 (An open-ended devoted gilt fund) The product is appropricate for investors who are seeking*: l Short-term credit risk-free return. t Investment in Central Authorities Securities, Treasury Bills, Phone Money and Repo Low risk (Blue) Please browse overleaf September 1, 2013 UTI – Liquid Cash Plan UTI – Regular monthly Income System (An open-ended debt focused scheme) The item is suitable for investors who happen to be seeking*: l Regular income over medium-term l Expenditure in fairness instruments (maximum-15%) and fixed profits securities (debt and market bourse securities) m Medium risk (Yellow) UTI – Mahila Unit structure (An open-ended debt focused scheme) This product is suitable for investors who happen to be seeking*: l Reasonable profits with modest capital understanding over a long lasting horizon d Investment in equity instrument (maximum-30%) and debt/ market bourse instruments t Medium risk (Yellow) UTI – Temporary Income Pay for (An open-ended income scheme) The product is appropricate for investors whom are seeking*: l Stable and sensible income over short-term t Investment in money market securities/ high quality financial debt l Low risk (Blue) UTI – MIS-Advantage Program (An open-ended income scheme) The product fits investors who have are seeking*: l Long term capital gratitude and regular income above medium-term l Investment in equity tools (maximum-25%) and fixed income investments (debt and money market securities) l Medium risk (Yellow) UTI – Treasury Edge Fund (An open-ended Salary Scheme) The merchandise is suitable for buyers who are seeking*: m Capital maintenance and fluidity for immediate l Expenditure in quality debt securities/ money market tools l Low risk (Blue) UTI – Money Market Pay for (An open-ended Money Market Common Fund) The merchandise is suitable for traders who are seeking*: l Current cash flow consistent with preservation of capital over initial l Expenditure in immediate money market investments l Low risk (Blue) UTI – Unit Scheme for Charitable & Religious Trusts & Registered Communities (UTI-C. R. T. S) (An open-ended income scheme) The product fits investors who also are seeking*: l Frequent income more than long-term m Investment in equity tools (maximum-30%) and debt/ money market instruments d Medium risk (Yellow) *Investorsshouldconsulttheirfinancialadvisersifindoubtaboutwhethertheproductissuitableforthem.

Note: Risk is symbolized as: (BLUE) Investors recognize that their principal will be in low risk (YELLOW) Shareholders understand that their particular principal will probably be at channel risk (BROWN) Investors realize that their primary will be by high risk Sr. No . 2013/ Registrar Sr.

No . (PLEASEREADINSTRUCTIONSCAREFULLYTOHELPUSSERVEYOUBETTER) DISTRIBUTOR DETAILS (only empanelled Distributors/Brokers will be permitted to distribute Units) (refer instructions ‘h’) ARN NameofFinancialAdvisor SubARNCode SubCode/ Lender Branch Code MOCode EUINo. @ UTI RM Number BDA / CA Code ARN – 11770 E020436 UpfrontcommissionshallbepaiddirectlybytheinvestortotheAMFI/NISMcertifiedUTIMFregisteredDistributorsbasedontheinvestors’assessmentofvariousfactorsincludingtheservicerenderedbythedistributor. @I/We confirm that the EUIN package is intentionally left bare by me/us as this is an “execution-only” deal without any connection or advice by the supplier personnel worried or despite the advice of in-appropriateness, if any, provided by this kind of distributor staff and the distributor has not incurred any admonitory fees in this transaction. ( PleasetickandsignbelowwhenEUINboxisleftblank)(referinstruction‘v’). Unsecured personal of initial Applicant / Guardian Unsecured personal of next Applicant Personal of 3 rd Applicant DEAL CHARGES TO BE PAID TOWARDS THE DISTRIBUTOR (Please tick one of the following below) (Refer Instruction ‘i’) Existing Unit Holder data IAMAFIRSTTIMEINVESTORINMUTUALFUNDS ` 150willbedeductedastransactionchargesperSubscriptionof `10, 000andabove OR PERHAPS Scheme Name: IAMANEXISTINGINVESTORINMUTUALFUNDS `100willbedeductedastransactionchargesperSubscriptionof `10, 000andabove Folio Quantity: APPLICANT’S PERSONAL DETAILS Farreneheit I L L T A To S M/s.

M m I meters D con D sumado a L y E sumado a * Denotes Mandatory Areas Name of First Customer / Additional Mentally Impaired Persons (for UBF as well as MIS) and Adult Woman Persons (For MUS) (as appearing in ID proof given to get KYC) Time of Birth Mandatory intended for minors 1st Applicant’s Talk about (Do not repeat the name) Identity & Address of homeowner relative in India(forNRIs)(P. O. BoxNo. isnotsufficient) Village/Flat/Bldg. /Plot* Street/Road/Area/Post City/Town* State Pin* *PAN OF 1st CONSUMER (whose facts are equipped in the form) Enclosed BAKING PAN Card Backup OVERSEAS TREAT (Overseas address is obligatory for NRI / FII applicants additionally to mailing address in India) City* State Country* Zip/Pin* Mr. Ms. Mrs.

NAME IN FULL OF THE DADDY (OR) MOTHER/ GUARDIAN (If Minor)$ as well as Contact Person And Status – For Institutional Job seekers / Alternate Applicant ( incase of UBF as well as MIS as well as MUS) Evidence of date of birth and proof of romantic relationship with minimal to be attached or else indication the announcement on the change ( Direct instruction f). # Please mention the applying No . around the reverse of thecheque/DD, NEFT/RTGSadvice. Cheque/DD must be drawn in prefer of “TheNameoftheScheme” & crossed “A/cPayeeOnly”? Purchase amount should be Rs. two lacs and above in the case of payments through NEFT / RTGS.

BANK PARTICULARS OF 1ST CANDIDATE (MandatoryasperSEBIGuidelines) Traditional bank Name Treat City Bank account type (please? ) Accounts No . Savings Current Pin* NRO NRE Branch MICR Code (thisisa9-digitnumbernexttoyourchequenumber) IFS Code (this is known as a 11-digit number) Received by Mr / Ms as well as M/s A software under alongwithCheque/DDNo. $ /Cash Drawnon(Bank) pertaining to `(infigures) money Cheques and drafts happen to be subject to realization. StampofUTIAMCOffice/ Sanctioned Collection Hub INVESTMENTDETAILS(For”DIRECT PLAN”Pleasetickhere UTI-BOND FINANCE UTI-MAHILA DEVICE SCHEME UTI-CREDIT OPPORTUNITIES ACCOUNT UTI-MONTHLY PROFITS SCHEME &tickScheme, Plan/Optiongivenbelow)(Referinstruction‘j’) UTI-CRTS UTI-DYNAMIC RELATIONSHIP FUND Gross Payout UTI-G-SEC FUND-(STP) Progress DividendReinvestment(Default–GrowthOption) UTI-FIXED MATURITY PREPARE Yearly Series (YFMP) HalfYearlySeries(HFMP) Quarterly Series (QFMP) Standard Plan Progress Dividend Pay out Dividend Reinvestment (Use separate form for each series) Cheque/DDshouldbedrawninfavourofUTI-FixedMaturityPlan–YFMP(mm/yy)/HFMP(mm/yy)/QFMP(mm/yy-PlanNo. )(Default–GrowthOption) UTI-FLOATING RATE FUND (STP) Frequent Plan UTI-GILT ADVANTAGE FUND-LTP UTI-LIQUIDCASHPLAN- Institutional UTI-MIS-ADVANTAGE PREPARE UTI-MONEY MARKET FUND Institutional Plan UTI-SHORT TERM SALARY FUND – Institutional Option UTI-TREASURY EDGE FUND – Institutional Prepare Unitholding Option Growth Daily Div.

Reinvestment WeeklyDiv. Reinvestment FlexiDividendPayout FlexiDividendReinvestment(Default–GrowthOption) Growth Strategy Dividend Strategy Payout DividendPlanReinvestment(Default–GrowthPlan) Growth MonthlyReinvestment Growth Prepare FlexiDividendPlanPayout Daily Div. Reinvestment WeeklyDiv. Reinvestment Monthly Pay out (Default–DailyDiv. Reinvestment) (Default Strategy – Development Plan) Monthly Div.

Program Payout FlexiDividendPlanReinvestment Monthly Div. Plan Reinvestment Monthly Payment Strategy Growth Daily Div. Reinvestment WeeklyDiv. Pay out WeeklyDiv.

Reinvestment(Default–GrowthOption) Growth Subwoofer Option Progress Quarterly Div. Payout Div Payout Subwoofer Option Div. Reinvestment Subwoofer Option (Default–Div.

ReinvestmentSubOption) WeeklyDiv. Payout WeeklyDiv. Reinvestment Month to month Div. Pay out Monthly Div. Reinvestment Daily Div. Reinvestment Quarterly Div. Reinvestment Gross annual Div. Payout Annual Div. Reinvestment Bonus Option (Default–DailyDiv. Option) PhysicalMode (AvailableunderallschemeexceptUTI-CRTS, UTI-MUS&UTI-FMP) Demat Mode TransactioncumHoldingStatement Delivery Instruction Go (DIS) GOOD FRIEND IN NEED DETAILS (refer instruction – k) In the event UTI MF is unable to contact me/us at my / each of our registered address, I as well as we authorize UTI MF to match with the pursuing person to see my/our updated contact details.

Identity Address: Marriage with the customer (optional) Annual Income of Initially Individual Applicant (Please (? ) STATUS Company Sole Proprietorship Society Body Business Others Email<5Lacs >5Lacs-<15Lacs Mobile >15Lacs-<25Lacs >25Lacs JOB Business College student Agriculture A sole proprietor Others CANDIDATE SELECTION DETAILS (Please? )(pleasesignifyoudonotwishtonominate) Term and Address of Nominee Name Day of Labor and birth d g m m y (in case of nominee is known as a minor) Treat with flag code To get furnished in the event that nominee can be described as minor Identity of the protector Address of guardian Signature of Nominee / protector (for minor) Sign. in this article Investorswhowishtonominatetwoorthreepersonsmayfillintheseparateformprescribedforthesameandattachitwiththisapplicationform. I/Wedonotwishtonominate Signature of 1st Candidate / Mom or dad Signature of 2nd Consumer Signature of 3rd Consumer DECLARATION AND SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT/s lI/WehavereadandunderstoodthecontentsoftheSchemeInformationDocument, StatementofAdditionalInformationandKeyInformationMemorandum, addendaissuedtilldateandapplytotheTrusteeofUTIMutualFundas indicatedabove. I/Weagreetoabidebythetermsandconditions, rulesandregulationsoftheschemeasonthedateofinvestment. I/Weundertaketoconfirmthatthisinvestmenthasbeendulyauthorisedbyappropriateauthorities in terms of every relevant documents and procedural requirements. lI/Wehavenotreceivednorbeeninducedbyanyrebateorgifts, directlyorindirectlyinmakinginvestments. lI/WeherebyauthorizeUTIMF/UTIAMCtosharemy data supplied in the Form to my own distributor and also other service providers from the UTI MF for the purpose of maintenance, issue of account statement/consolidated statement of account and many others and mix selling of

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