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Health Care Problem In The United States Essay

Among the developed countries, the United States has got the most expensive health-related system, spending about 16% of the country’s gross domestic product and a per capita cost of $5300 in 2002. Irrespective of these big expenditures, 15% of the American population is without health insurance.

Additionally, since the ALL OF US health care courses are comprised of mixed public-private system (Davis, 2007), this is often accounted for the failure in the US health care system as new studies showed. One of the recommended solutions to this matter is the achievement of a national legislation for the universal medical care coverage for everyone, which is ongoing, affordable, cost-effective and cost effective for durability, and involves services intended for long term benefits.

Dr . Sophie C. Schoenbaum, Executive Vice President for applications at The Earth Fund supplies the following progressive and conceivable solutions to raise the efficiency from the US medical care system: coverage of the uninsured, reduction in price shifting, and administrative copie; More major care and less specialty proper care; inter-operable information about health technology; mass customization of care; and delivery of near excellent care (Schoenbaum, 2006). This individual argued that lessening administrative expenses due to benefits state, focus on major health care while against professional services, encouraging doctors to work with the information freeway, and providing for a data source of comparable health-related problems may counteract the cost of providing universal insurance coverage.

The Institute of Medicine explained that, “The many consequences of uninsurance and the growing threat that poses for the very fabric of America’s health care program makes this a problem that can not be ignored. ” (Bailey, 2004). Hence, the federal government should treat this problem as soon as possible alongside while using proper info dissemination that will enlighten the public on the rewards that can be bought in getting covered. REFERENCES Mcneally, Jon. 2004. “Health Attention in Country America” Middle for Non-urban Affairs E-newsletter, October 2005. [Electronic Version]. Gathered 23 Come july 1st 2007 coming from

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