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Community health nurses Essay

How can community overall health nurses apply the strategies of cultural competence to their practice? A health professional can be a part of helping a patient’s ethnic preservation inside their practice.

For example , some people in the Jamaican culture hold nine-day wakes to get deceased individuals. The wake up is a time for respecting and honoring the departed heart. For seven nights, family and good friends share meals and sing hymns, therefore saying goodbye to the departed one (). A doctor can supporter for a patient from Jamaican cultural by coordinating with the hospice facility a way intended for the awaken to take place because the Jamaican culture views fit.

A nurse also can apple ethnic accommodation within their practice. For instance , in Jamaican cultures herbal supplements are well-known, and organic medicine experts and balmists, who practice bush medicine, provide treatment for a a comprehensive portfolio of ailments. A nurse can easily advocate for cultural accommodation by working together with the health care team to accommodate the use of plant based medicine choices. Health care associates a registered nurse can require with this kind of cultural holiday accommodation may include the Physician, druggist, or nutritional expert. A registered nurse can also also apply ethnic repatterning within their practice.

For instance , Jamaica’s many popular dish is cool, a term that identifies the process of cooking food meats smothered in tongue-searing marinade, and barbecued slowly in an outdoor pit over the fire of pimento real wood, which gives the meat their distinctive flavor. Unfortunately, jerk contains high levels of salt and salt. If a individual has health issues that include congestive heart failure or hypertonie, they may should be on a low sodium diet.

A doctor can help with cultural repatterning simply by teaching the client how to reduce the salt or perhaps sodium within their diet, yet at the same time retaining their ethnical food preferences. A registered nurse can provide recipes for cool with significantly less salt, or perhaps work with a nutritional expert to fine-tune the client’s recipes to take care of cultural flavors but reduce the sodium content. A nurse also can take part in ethnic brokering in their practice. For instance , Christianity is the religion that the majority of Jamaican’s practice.

Jamaica is known to have the the majority of churches every square mile than some other country ( ). A nurse can easily intervene for any Jamaican client to ensure they receive broadly appropriate proper care by working with the health attention facility to coordinate attention to allow for a Christian ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) to come visit with the Jamaican patient and their friends and family. Barriers to applying ethnical preservation,  accommodation, repatterning, and brokering incorporate time, money, and well being risk factors. The health treatment facility may well not have the means/money to allow for the tradition Jamaican wake for the deceased loved one.

The use of classic herbs might be a risk to wellness if that they interact with medicines the patient is definitely taking. A visit with a Christian minister may hinder scheduled proper care such as analysis testing or any visitation/rest period. A doctor is responsible for respecting and preserving a individuals cultural tastes as much as possible. They have to advocate to get a patient’s ethnic desires when ever possible.

Ethnical Brokering Cultural brokering way to intervene intended for clients to make sure that they obtain culturally appropriate care inside the Western medical care system. The nurse recognizes the client’s values as well as the system’s principles, and can as a result advocate, mediate, or work out for the consumer (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2008). When some of these actions happen to be practiced while using intent to supporter, stand up pertaining to, support, intervene, or discuss for the culture individuals, families, aggregates, or community, then ethnical brokering is being carried out.

Health Education Use an example that is different than the postings of other students. Jamaicans work with fruits and vegetables for healing houses. Papaya allows relieve stomach upset, while guava leaves take care of diarrhea, and tamarind eases itchy epidermis and chicken breast pox. Herbal medicines are well-liked, and herbal medicine professionals and balmists, who practice bush medication, provide treatment for a wide range of ailments.

Herbal remedies are administered as an infusion (tea), a poultice or bath. A common treatment is definitely bush tea, which can contain many ingredients such as ” lemon “, fever grass, sour sop, breadfruit leaves and self defense elder.

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