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Addiction and patterns essay

Thesis Statement: With this paper, I will try and examine addiction plus the various manners that addiction will induce in an person, and I will even describe the kinds of addiction that an normal individual can be prone to, and research the efforts that are to be made for an addict to try and control his offensive tendencies brought on by his addiction.

Authorities feel and carry out stress on the truth that addictions and compulsions of any sort stem and originate from a tough feeling of if she is not in control of their life, and a need to get some form of control over events that seem to be ruling him or her.

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Certain harmful habits, however , have got genetic elements, and are generally passed on within the friends and family, where a single member may have been addicted or perhaps been susceptible to compulsive behaviours. He may possess inadvertently given to this habit to the next technology, and in these kinds of cases, this vicious pattern would continue.

Addictions can be of several kinds.

One such compulsion is that of a great addiction to drugs or additional substances, and another can be an passion for sexual. Eating disorders can also qualify since addictions of compulsions, and overspending, gambling and overworking too will be obsessive and compulsive disorders.

According to experts, “The power of dream is the long lasting power of addiction, wherein a great addict can be prone to expanding fantasies of getting gained a sense of control over his life, because of his habit. The has to be would in that case be quite unwilling to stop these drug induced dreams and enter into a normal lifestyle again, and this can be one of the major problems that an should be may encounter at the time if he is addicted; no matter what his addiction could possibly be.

The addicted individual could more often than not tend to induce mood changes in himself, instead of trying to address some of the causes of the stresses that he is faced with. Take for example an alcoholic; he’d prefer to drink and pin the consequence on the failure of his marriage in the spouse, instead of face the underlying issues behind the failure of his marriage. In this is the causes and the reasons for his continued dependence on alcohol. Take those example of a money addict.

This individual would rather binge on the spending spree, rather than face the root money issues, and making use of the money to settle his debts. In other words, an addict behaves in such a way that he believes with solid conviction it does not matter what tensions life might have to throw at him, he would manage to face all of them, as long as he has his own addiction to get him through life’s tough circumstances. (Earll, Steven, 2004)

Due to extensive scientific research performed through the years, today one can become reasonably certain addiction consequently can be competent as a ailment that affects a person’s brain and one’s behaviours. It is interesting to note that in the past, scientists attributed habit forming behaviors associated with drug and alcohol maltreatment to the fact that the user lacked in willpower, and that he could, in the event that he desired to, bring a finish to his addictions.

This was the view that shaped most of society’s answers to addicts; an addict was seen as a morally flawed person, who displayed serious meaningful failing because they are unable to control his own behaviors. It is only today which the average individual is able to have an understanding of the basic reality addiction could be the result of a combination of different factors, and this it can must be treated as a disease than might lead to great trouble for one’s health.

Scientists today use this vital knowledge to develop and develop effective methods of treatment, which could reduce the fee that craving has on the individual’s family. Today, preventative drug abuse features gained priority over other designs of treatment, and this continues to be proven to support addicts conquer their habits with a reasonable amount of success.

Medication addiction or abuse as such can be described as a chronic and relapsing disease that affects the brain of the customer, despite the user being aware of the very fact that this sort of abuse may result in grave outcomes for him in the long run. One must understand that the for a longer time an individual is addicted to medications, the more harmful the impact of the drugs on his brain, and the more damaging his behavior may become.

To know the true characteristics of dependency, one need to first try to understand why people take medications, and exactly how come they become hooked on drugs and also other substances. One of the more important and one of the first causes according to researchers is the fact an individual starts off taking prescription drugs so that he may feel good. Most drugs induce a sense of great pleasure in the individual who provides taken these people, and more important, the user seems a sense of electric power, self confidence and self guarantee that he’d never think in regular life.

Perhaps, the perception of electricity, feelings of relaxation associated with intense satisfaction that the drugs have given him induce him to adopt more, and then some more, before the time when he can no longer control his intake, and at which usually time he can considered to be hooked. Individuals, who also may suffer from feelings of acute stress, or from stress related disorders, or by clinical depression, are also prone to use medicines to help them overcome these emotions. Some others may well feel that medications may help all of them perform better, like for example an athlete, who have may take functionality enhancing prescription drugs that would support him win.

Adolescents might be particularly susceptible to drug habit, perhaps as a result of peer pressure, or simply because ‘others are doing it, really want to me? ‘ the sad fact is the fact although medicines may offer the user a sense of satisfaction and power at the outset, it is accurate that as time goes by, the user will certainly feel that he has to have more quantities of the same drug, if he wished to achieve the same emotions of excitement and satisfaction. It is at this point that the end user realizes that he would be unable to function without a ‘fix’, when time he may be considered a great ‘addict’.

Addicts reach an area of time when they pursue the drug as though it were a personal assistant, regardless of the behavioral problems that the

Drug utilization may cause in them, and the trouble that they may be leading to others surrounding them, because of the medicine usage and addiction. It really is at this point of your energy that medicine usage becomes known as drug abuse and addiction, and it is now that the addict’s self control becomes severely strained and impaired.

Experts have carried out brain the image and umschlüsselung studies of drug addicts, and the findings demonstrate that for addicted people, physical adjustments become apparent in your areas of the brain that would normally control wisdom, decision making, recollection, and even behavior control. These are generally the changes inside the brain that affect the addict’s behaviors, and in addition they may well be capable to shed light on the compulsive plus the addictive actions displayed simply by an abuser.

A tragic factor is the fact an adolescent’s brain continues to develop and grow into adult life, and when the adolescent uses drugs and becomes addicted to them, in that case he undergoes dramatic changes in his pre-frontal cortex, that area of the head that would allow him to assess a particular give situation, help to make decisions based on his judgment of that scenario, and keep his desires and yearnings in check, as any typical adolescent will do.

This means that the adolescent would be required to lose control over a given condition, and submit to the affect of drug addiction on his behavior. Consequently , say specialists, introducing medications or other substances at this stage of advancement would quickly have a long lasting negative influence on the boy or girl who has become addicted. (Volkow, D Nora (2007)


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