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Chapter 25 article

Virtually all American women who entered the labor force during World War II had been?

They were mainly single ladies.

At the conclusion of World War II, the United States acquired emerged with

fewer casualties than the allies and foes in Europe and Asia.

In 1942, President Roosevelt authorized the roundup and internment coming from all Americans of Japanese ancestry because

numerous people presumed that Japanese people Americans were potential causes of espionage and subversion.

Hitler determined a “final solution in the Jewish problem


In the Tripartite Pact, Philippines, Italy, and Japan decided to

a shielding alliance amongst imperial forces.

An immediate consequence of the Nazi-Soviet treaty of non-aggression in August 1939 was:

Hitler’s invasion of Poland.

The War Production Board, which set production priorities and pushed pertaining to maximum end result, was headed by:

business leaders who had been paid next to nothing for their work.

Through the ‘s the wave of fascism, militarism, and violent nationalism that most concerned the United States went up in:

Italy, Japan, and Germany.

The Twice V marketing campaign called for the two victory inside the war and victory intended for:

African Americans over ethnic prejudice at your home.

All of the following were arguments intended for using the atomic bomb against Japan other than:

to prevent The japanese from introducing its own super-bomb.

April 30, 1945, was a level in the battle. It was the day:

Adolf Hitler killed him self in his underground bunker.

The Lend-Lease Act of 1941 was calculated to

make armaments available to The united kingdom.

The attack in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, was part of the Western plan to

Knock out a significant portion of American Naval angles in the Pacific cycles

Throughout the Bataan death March of 1942

Western soldiers required US and Filipino military to mar sixty-five a long way to a concentration camp

At their particular meeting in Casablanca in January 43, Allied commanders Roosevelt and Churchill

makes announcement that they might accept nothing less than the unconditional give up of Indonesia and Italia

The technological advancement that in the end led Hitler to pull away the notorious U-boats from your North Atlantic was the

adnger zone detector

About how many soldiers and sailors served in the U. S. military by the end of World War II

sixteen million

In authorizing the committee on Good Employment techniques, president Roosevelt

Risked offending his politics allies

June 6, 1944, the date the Allies let loose an assault against the The german language army around the beaches of Normandy, is referred to as

D Time

During world war II the abolishment from the Work Assignments Administration as well as the Civilian Preservation Corps was clear evidence of

the strength of the conservative cabale

During World War II, seperated camps, barracks and devices were reserved for

African Us citizens.

America’s participation in organizing the United Nations:

signaled the sucess of internationalism in the country

As the Allies shut off on him in December 1944, Hitler ordered a desperate counterattack through Athens known as

the Battle of the Bulge.

The number of U. S women who saw fight duty during World War II was

The day after the Japanese bitten Pearl Harbor in December several, 1941

Our elected representatives endorsed Director Roosevelt’s call for a declaration of war.

World War II began with the

A language like german invasion of Poland in 1939.

The six-month battle to force the withdrawal of Japanese makes from Guadalcanal in Feb. 1943 demonstrated

how high priced and difficult it would be to beat Japan

In January 1941, Director Roosevelt justified the proposed Lend-Lease Work by

citing freedom of speech, independence to worship, freedom coming from want, liberty from dread, and other values.

Dictators such as Anastasio Somoza and Fulgencio Batista terrorized all their nations

with private support from U. S business people and tacit support from the Roosevelt government.

By electing Leader Roosevelt to a unprecedented third term in 1940, Us citizens

were not providing a require for American involvement in the European Battle.

The capture of Okinawa in 1944 was especially essential to Allied makes because

1000s of U. T prisoners of war were being held there.

Women who remained at home written for the war effort by simply

all of the over.

(planting, saving tin cans, keeping money)

In the late spring of 1942, naval challenges in the Coral reefs Sea including Midway Area signaled

that Japanese domination of the Pacific was almost unbeatable.

As a symbol, Paul Tibbets represents

each of the above.

(american’s reduction, the diversity, the awesome power)

The Maginot Line was obviously a

concrete base that segregated much of England from Indonesia.

The usa was hesitant to accept Judaism refugees coming from Nazi oppression largely because

of anti-Semitism.

in 1942, American scientists started developing a superbomb

because Indonesia was working away at a similar weapon.

Blacks who migrated to take opportunities in defense sectors were met with

widespread racial violence.

The Ny indk?bte Committee’s 1933 report concluded that

the greed of American munitions makers, brokers, and financiers was accountable for the Nations entry in to World War I

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