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Biology and human tendencies term daily news

Greed, Man Behavior, Leisure Park, Individual Reproduction

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Biology of Behavior

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The biology of human behavior is rooted from the point of view that humans are animals, in the sense that they can be biological pets and are the effect of millions of a lot of evolution with a physical make-up that varieties us into creatures that are fitter and more suitable for enduring and establishing to the physical environment altogether. Even though a person is still a creature the biology of our man behavior is impacted by a wide variety of situations. One of these circumstances is the fact that we get something that no other dog has: a great intricate sociable structure. “We gather in families, people, clans, nations around the world. We have an incredibly sophisticated approach to interacting – speech. We are able to communicate with time and length through producing and transmitting. Our thoughts are the longest, our relationships the most intricate, our belief of the world simultaneously the largest and most detailed” (Tafflinger, 2011). Thus the biology of human actions are continually influenced by world: biology continually guide our reactions to situations since the manifestation of years of ancestors surviving for their responses and reactions (Tafflinger, 2011). Yet , the bottom line is that our social structure continues to dictate and place restrictions on how all of us engage in the biological replies. Thus, to be able to better be familiar with biology of human habit, one still needs to consider how human being behavior is regularly filtered throughout the lens of society; therefore, it’s genuinely not a issue of nature vs . foster as many people like to believe (Tafflinger, 2011).

Questions/Factors Reviewed

However , ahead of one attempts to determine how the biological foundation human habit impacts a persons organism via the filter of society, it’s still vital that you gauge a very good understanding of the three main support beams which effect human behavior: self-preservation, reproduction and avarice (Tafflinger, 2011). “Self-preservation is usually keeping yourself surviving, either literally or mentally. The latter contains mentally or perhaps economically healthy” (Tafflinger, 2011). The natural basis of self-preservation is rooted in the fact which the members of the species should have a strong prefer to live long enough to give their genes for their descendants: “A species which has a death-wish dies off rather quickly” (Tafflinger, 2011). Thus, one can aptly conclude that when it comes to the biology of human behavior, the desire to stay with your life is an extremely instinctive one, which can be built into the psyche with the organism, meaning the human being can actively seek out parts of environmental surroundings that will reinforce its probabilities for living through and growing – things like food, water, oxygen, others, relaxation and other elements (Tafflinger, 2011). Similarly, this means that an organism can instinctively steer clear of elements that can threaten the chance of endurance, via factors like potential predators, starvation, lacks, and other harmful situations that will negatively impact the human being coming from continuing about.

Two queries:

How does biology impact individual behavior?

How does society effect human patterns?

Problem Affirmation

Thus, these types of factors almost all coexist and comingle within an incredibly elaborate and intricate society. This paper attempts to examine the following problem statement: how are the biological systems of the individual impacted by the complex cultural factors penalized alive nowadays? Furthermore, this paper looks for to determine how one’s mental factors lead to this unique scenario.

Literature Review

One aren’t dismiss the genetic biological factors which influence individual behavior. While van Wormer explains in the book, “Human Behavior and the Sociable Environment” there is also a clear and undeniable impact on genetic on the result and outward exhibition of man behavior. “Why is it that you person can easily drink and use medicines moderately more than a lifetime whilst another person gets hooked on the short period of your time? ” (van Wormer, 2011). One simply cannot deny the genes one inherits may have a profound effect on one’s actions and overall behavior. Because van Wormer explains, the kids of alcoholics are four times since likely to develop the condition while the children of non-alcoholics (2011). This book likewise takes a close look at how the psychological elements which are linked to health and wellness can easily have an impact about one’s physical state. Hence, one component of the biology of behavior is connected to the into the balance of the general psychology.

As Tafflinger has shown in his seminal paper, “The Biological Foundation Human Behavior” it is clear that equally mental and behavioral component influence people unlike some other animal. “The greatest model lies in the existence of amusement parks, where people intentionally subject themselves to stimuli that any other creature on earth would go to great measures to avoid” (Tafflinger, 2011). The difference could be clearly seen in an amusement park: no dog or any type of other pet would participate on a roller coaster, but human beings go on such rides to get enjoyment, with all the human head determining which the ride is safe, thus avoiding any horror from becoming accepted (Tafflinger, 2011). Cultural factors have a tremendous effect on how humans react to stimuli: societal factor dictate which a human being needs to stay poised and listen when all their supervisor might scream by them or otherwise bitch them out. This goes against some very solid biological wiring: biology requires that there would be a strong flight or fight reaction, which usually society requires that humans can’t engage in. Thus, there is a theory which in turn asserts that things like ulcers, headaches, worried breakdowns and comparable reactions are actually a result of fight or flight symptoms at work and putting pressure on the body – as the mind is under a form of anxiety that zero animal might willingly endure.

Societal pushes in some ways have improved your chances to get survival, and possess enhanced human being life as well: this has improved human patterns without a doubt. Societal forces have experienced an undeniable impact on the neurological factors which in turn influence man society. Self-preservation has become similarly complex, as it’s no more about finding proper developing food or any form of shield. One of the major factors that is motivated by culture, but containing its beginnings in biology is the phenomenon of avarice. Greed is usually both a byproduct of society’s forces and the animal instincts with the human being. For example, if one were to just treat the symptom of greed as being the work of merely getting a much larger piece of their share, one can clearly see greed realizing in character as a sort of survival. “For example, in the Amazonian rain forest, an occasional forest dies and falls. This leaves a position to the sunshine in the continuous canopy of foliage. Vegetation and trees race one another to advance to that beginning. The winners in the race complete the hole; the losers perish through lack of sunlight. (Attenborough, 1990) The greed pertaining to sunlight means life” (Tafflinger, 2011). Because of this when you are presented with potential resources which can be needed, it is in the biological interest of the organism to take advantage of them, a conclusion which is not built consciously, nevertheless which is manufactured instinctively, and which is irritated by the circumstances of culture. Survival in society today is largely a fiscal issue. For instance , if one particular wants to stay away from killed while driving around (as an accident could happen at any time), one boosts one’s probability of survival by simply driving the very best car that one can afford. Once human beings disapproval greed, to describe it in misguided, as being greedy is actually just a manifestation of the dual influences of both social factors and instinct. Specifically so much of what seems to be “greed” is definitely just the human being organism ensuring the stability of his or her own self-preservation and reproduction


Ultimately, what can be deducted is that the progress behavior involves both genetic and environmental factors. Furthermore, “the interaction of genetic and environmental influences can be not arbitrary in time, for there are present prescribed intervals during which the developing dog is particularly at risk of specific external influences, in fact it is at this period that the developing process may be tricked. Finally, the developing processes are generally not random in character, for the producing animal can be much more prone to some exterior events than others” (Goldsmith, 1994, l. 75). Essentially, not all animals adapt, master and evolve with the same equal faculty: being able to survive depends on a variety of genetic and environmental factors which is not a similar for all species.


One of these of genes impacting man behavior is just how some people can easily gain weight consuming the same amount of food, nevertheless one person could possibly be genetically susceptible to extra pounds over the other. This impacts human success in different methods, as a part of human survival will depend on being acknowledged by others, and human beings tend to certainly not gravitate to prospects who they will consider being inferior. Among the the need to survive is described in individuals who buy alarm devices for their homes or acquire weapons to guard themselves. For some

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