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Business website design Essay

Here are the sections that are included in this proposal Introduction A brief statement regarding the company and what is required from the client Client requirements Here is what your customer would need from the web page in detail End user needs A explanation of the customers and what they require and expect Objectives The purpose of the web page and what it hopes to achieve Explanations to get Here is why particular options were chosen instead of others reason of treatment Proposed contents What the website compromises of Human resources The professionals which are required to produce the site Breakdown of Breakdown of the tasks within the project project Introduction Zak Autospare is actually a medium sized business based in Huddersfield.

The main profession is a a comprehensive portfolio of car goods from parts to car audio. The business includes a large amount of clientele varying coming from mechanics to the people with will need of parts. There are five workers in Zak Autospare, one of these as being a manager and another the owner.

The new website will advertise the business country wide as opposed to staying only regional at the moment, it will eventually allow customers to purchase via the web, the main emphasis right here will be upon car audio and car accessories just like alloy wheels, seats, steerage wheels, etc . The website will probably be an advantage to Zak Autospare because as well as trading non-prescription they can make extra sales via the internet site, most customers would be people requiring parts they need because of their car then ordering these people through the web page and within a matter of days and nights the will receive those particular products. Overall the website will bring forward new business as well as start up business ideas and possible growth of the organization to other towns and cities.

Consumer Requirements The clients could require a internet site, which assignments their devotion to featuring and successful service which delivers top quality products. The site will reveal the businesses picture of being a trustworthy service and having a fantastic after sales support. It will also condition the low rates and competitively priced products, which clients can enjoy for a cheap price.

The client will require the following from the web page: * The website will be created in HTML as opposed to Expensive since everyone does not include Flash and maybe be reluctant to down load it * The site will be linked to a searchable data source (linked to current data source using Microsoft company ASP) to let its users (customers) to use the web site easily and efficiently * The data source will also include a search facility starting with an individual being able to type the type of car they have and from there being given a variety of options leading to the kind of car part or product 5. The company logo will be used over the website to accomplish recognition and a unique manufacturer and identity. This will be the same logo which is out on the shop itself * The site must incorporate a large number of images, which can be quickly downloaded therefore large web space * A highly effective shopping cart permitting the users (customers) to purchase items confidently and securely on the internet. * Personal email address to permit sufficient get in touch with between the business and its digital customers when also allowing the ability can be to issue desirable items. * Distinct pages for every category, i actually. e. webpage for rims, page intended for engine parts, page to get car audio, and many others User requires.

The main users of the site will be folks who own cars (Class C1, C2, Deb and possibly A and N, these could possibly buy car audio since it will not require as much work as installing in a car part) and perhaps mechanics from car garages, here they will order when they require particular parts and are also not available by elsewhere. The person needs have already been investigated and researched simply by asking inquiries to existing buyers and people who include used the world wide web to purchase parts and add-ons for their car, the following are information of feasible users and what they requires from this web page. User 1: Name: Harpreet Singh Grow older: 21.

Occupation: Student Car: Ford Fiesta XR2i Internet buyer: Yes Using this user what was found was, this type of user required the web page to have pictures for as much car parts and products conceivable. They would like for the vehicle audio section to have an picture of the product together with a full specs list, this will allow the user to view the product as well as reading on the features and options of the specific product. They can also like the option of having an image of a car and then to be able to change the tires to different types of alloys which in returning would give all of them an idea showing how the particular alloys would appearance on a car.

One of this type of user category would have enjoyed the option of having the ability to test the sound quality of CD players, this obviously would not become possible but what was identified from this is that most purchasers buy COMPACT DISC players and general car audio because of its company and along with this they might also rely on the features the machine carries to make sure they are pleased with the product they are about to buy. The user want the prices of car audio and alloy tires to be reasonable and possibly provided the opportunity to be able to perform price reviews with other comparable websites. User 2: Term: Robert Builder.

Age: twenty-eight Occupation: Vehicle Mechanic Car: Renault Laguna Internet client: Yes This kind of user would expect a large range of parts for any majority of automobiles. He would as well expect various electrical equipment such as audio system, stereos and all forms of wiring and fuses. Both of these users have superb knowledge of the net and they utilize it for information and shopping and would equally expect deals to be built securely and deliveries within reasonable occasions.

Objectives The principal objective from the site is always to introduce ZAK Autospare to a wider variety of customers and increase their customer base. The rest of the targets are here: Allow standard customers and new customers to get through the internet, which in return will provide even more sales Show full information of products provided by clear photos, which are quickly downloaded with prices alongside Since the company already includes a logo, a fresh logo won’t have to be developed, this logo will be used during the website to remind the consumer whose web page they are on and reinforce this kind of name, in order that when they imagine car parts and audio they presume of Zak Autospare.

An email facility to supply thorough contact between buyers and organization Show the most up-to-date range of products, that is updated frequently to ensure consumers have a large and most current range of products available * Guarantee customer satisfaction with product guarantees and the accessibility to returning products with in 2 weeks with a receipt and the merchandise being empty, this is every currently available from Zak Autospare Explanation of reasons for treatment The initial thought was to produce the website in Flash although after debate, the decision was made to kennel it applying HTML. Even though the website would possibly look better manufactured in Flash, many people might not have Flash and these people might not exactly wish to download Flash in order to view this excellent website, so it might be a better thought to produce the website in HTML instead.

The master and supervisor are familiar with HTML CODE, which gives all of them a greater understanding as to how the website operates. Alongside this kind of, the cost of the producing the website in Display would be more than a normal HTML CODE site. The web page will be associated with Zak Autospare’s current repository which is produced in Microsoft Access 97, the 2 shall be associated using Ms Asp’s, the scripts will probably be of searching (searching the web page through the database) as well as adding (when an order is usually placed) and subtracting (when an buy is taken off or cancelled). The reason for employing Asp is really because this is used by many websites which is also known by the manager of Zak Autospare.

The Or net creation is cheaper when linked to a HTML CODE site in opposition to a Flash site, so this will help keep costs low. This option is ideal since many sites happen to be connected to Get databases with the aid of Asp’s, instead of business owners connecting sites to databases produced in SQL, etc . At first it was decided that the site would be named www. zakautospare. co. uk although after discussion it was made the decision that this term was a little bit long winded and not incredibly snappy’, so it was determined that the web page would be called www. zaks. co. uk, which was an excellent name, sharp and punchy whilst staying short and simple to remember nevertheless unfortunately this name was already in use so as an alternative the name www.zaksshop. co. uk was decided to be suitable, this name is still snappy and seems more friendly and warm.

Though the logos used on the site could still be called Zak, due to the fact that this is the indication outside the shop itself. Photos will be order from item suppliers and companies, such as Pioneer can give images of their products. On the site itself you will see images of the shop alone, since it is extremely attractive with various lights, and so forth This will provide the user an understanding of the business they are working with.

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