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Benefit of information system for business Essay

Following several years of turbulence of websites stocks and the resulting failing of many businesses, it is easy to understand the impact info system in everyday life. Yet, each day we browse article regarding it technology supporting the growth with the business. They are really many positive aspects that most people agreed: that they create value largely or exclusively throughout the gathering, synthesizing and circulation of information, that they formulate approach in ways that will make management of enterprise plus they use technology-mediated channels which are subject to way of measuring and bringing in unprecedented and granular techniques.

With all those advantages, the company can gain a better position in the mad competition. Among the list of main features of the information program been employed in the business will be its capability to facilitate organization activities with huge amount details and organized resource and the easy transaction with regards to speed and cost. Through this report which is presented to Mr.

Oracle, the manager of Bag Company, I will exam three vital jobs that data system can benefit for the business enterprise: Support of its organization processes and operation, Support of decision making by it is employees and manager Support of the strategies for competitive advantage Inside the traditional organization environment, organization operating is a manual, time-consuming and labor-intensive process regarding requests to get quotation, purchase order submissions, purchase approval and confirmation, shipping, invoicing and payment. But with the help of details systems, business can gather information faster at a relatively low cost. For instance , 1800-flower Business provides a broad range of provide products.

The company’s data system gathers and shops data about birthday and invitations, as well as a record of gifts give to particular recipients. This maintains a client information data file holding all such info which alerts them of forthcoming events. In the appropriate moments the company delivers customized message to the customers with recommendation for blossoms and shows.

The company benefits a around the world reputation. Consequently , good administration information systems fast the company operation and use reference more effective. Basket Company likewise involves similar business actives we reviewed above, by equipping the management info system, will certainly greatly support business procedure. Now the competition of holder market is incredibly furious, it is not enough to improve only the merchandise, we should win over the customers as a person who cares for you them much more than their selves.

To achieve the aim, we have to determine the trend of customer needs. Like huge office merchandise supplierStaples. The organization system maintains lists of previously purchased items.

Over time, Staples discovered a great deal regarding its customers’ preferences and use that information to supply new products. We worth our workers as they perform an important function in firm success, nevertheless only with the helps of these tools, our employees and managers can easily make the decision about buy from distributor and predicate the profits. Therefore, the good management information system plays a more important role inside the competition.

Among the outcomes of information system is the strategies for competitive advantages. The three basic strategies for competitive advantages are price leadership, difference and focus. Management details system may have a considerable portion to play within a competitive strategy, cutting the labor and administration cost during organization operation, the organization can sell items or present services by a price that may be lower than the competitors. Surveys and feedback sessions will probably be conducted by detailed purchase records and various data to access the continuing project. In conclusion, management data system is essential to meet the comprehensive and diverse market competition.

It supports business procedure, support making decisions and gain strategies for competitive advantage. If we use data system in our business, the corporation will have larger chances to success. Leppert, P. A., 1996.

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