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Customer care strategy of british airways essay

British Breathing passages is one of the sides leading airlines with a network that provides traveler and freight services to 149 locations in 72 countries. It is airline network is centered on the United Kingdom exactly where 85% of its forty seven, 500 labor force is based. The mission from the company is usually to deliver solutions that subject for people as well as how to fly. To be able to achieve or realize this mission; United kingdom Airways identifies the importance of working in collaboration with its stakeholders. This has substantially influenced their approach to business social responsibility.

Precisely why the company features decided to participate CR is always to help it attain its long-term strategic goals in rendering growth chances around the well being airport

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Today most companies will be redesigning all their operations and management design in order to increase customers fulfillment and efficiency. With the intro of the new-technology, a lot of changes have already been brought in the organization environments. Different companies are picking out various types of recent information and technology in order to improve their businesses.

This newspaper therefore utilizes the various toolsof publishing a research proposal to investigate how the new technology made British air passage company to improve the way it serves their customers what should be observed is that the accomplishment of any organization depends on the quality of customer satisfaction skills workers have. The company has not been omitted in creating new technique s of satisfying its customers.

Conversation more efficiently

Whenever we consider the quantity of immigrants (passengers) visiting Uk from east and central Europe, it is usually said that the organization has realized a lot of advantages. However the company needs to start a lot in order to attract more passengers and tourists into the region.

As of yet many visitors are elevating questions regarding security steps and extended lines produced when reserving for routes movements from major metropolitan areas to the air ports has additionally not been possible. This research proposal has for that reason been created to investigate the efforts the corporation has submit to improve customer satisfaction which covers the spot of reservation, traveling to the Airport to be able to catch up with as well as finally protection measures which have been taken. It is because terrorism and drug trafficking has been pointed out as general public enemy leading in the region. Individuals or vacationers would not like to risk their particular lives the moment cases of terrorism happen to be high. Which means that the company needs to address the problems of limited security to ensure that its consumers are guarded.

In a research pitch there must be a place dealing with significant of analyze that is the rationale of the research (Gill and Johnson, 1997). The company to generate some modification in order to boost their services and attract more customers uses the information on the study. The us government will also utilize information to address areas that has to have provision of services such because upgrading community transport system, security and provision of social amenities.

Research query

The research question with this study will focus on how a British breathing passages company offers improved their services to attract more clients and serve its buyers better (Veal, 1997). The next research questions will be used to help in directing the study with this given place. The questions are as follows.

  1. Is there changes in the approach passengers happen to be served for airports?

2) What steps should be taken to ensure that security and safety of passengersare provided by simply British Airways?

3) Is there any link between community transport and airports to improve passengers’ fulfillment in order to reduce congestion?

4) What should certainly British breathing passages do to be able to grab the biggest share of this growing market?

Objectives in the study

This research proposal can be on investigating how United kingdom Airways has tried to increase the service to people. According to Clark (1998) the goals of virtually any study should be specific, intelligent, realistic and time sure. The specific objectives within the study will probably be:

  • To evaluate the safety and reliability measures taken by airports and airlines security department to ensure passenger will be protected.
  • To learn the steps taken to showcase easy motion of travellers.

(3) To review how the company has attempted to address a defieicency of customer satisfaction

especially passengers.

Speculation of the research

Speculation developed in this paper will be used to provide a general answer to the down sides being searched on. Nevertheless these hypotheses are afflicted by clarification where by they will be examined to confirm whether they are authentic or not (Johns and Lee-ross, 1998). The following option hypotheses therefore have been built to achieve goals stated above.

H2: Online arranging of entry pass has been created to improve companies offered to individuals.

H3: Public transfer has been founded to help in easy motion of travellers from and to the airports.

Hsome: Protection has been improved to ensure that people are protected from virtually any threats.

Literature review

Literature review is among the most important aspects of a research pitch (Hart, 1998). It involves reviewing the present literature in order to a gap wasteful copying of work various other researchers experienced previously done. It is divided into three sections whereby the first section deals with on-line booking, second section handles modification in transport and last 1 on protection measures.

On the net ticketing

The effects of the modern technology have already been seen in the air transport sector. To date it can be said that shopping online has become a characteristic of modern life. Passengers whom are journeying using air transport are now able to take or perhaps find their tickets with the use of Internet (Debra and Colin, 2003, p7). They can additional customize their tickets with the help of meal tastes and personal selected seat numbers to generate them think satisfied. The newest technology has also made it much easier for air carriers to talk information to passengers very easily about conditions attached to fares and about general conditions of carriage (Arnold, 2004). This has led to decrease of circumstances of inconveniency during travel (Finn, Elliot and Walton, 2000)

A number of airlines are shifting coming from traditional means of obtaining seats to modern way in which online shopping is encouraged. For instance easy Jet provides ensured that over 98% of their bookings are made online (Rigas, 2002, p31). The Internet relating to individuals has made arranging of surroundings tickets much easier than ever before. Among the advantage it has include saving time, and money since passengers will certainly tend to steer clear of agents payments and reserving fees. Passengers therefore possess time to help to make their decision on what you should pick in.

On the net ticket revenue by location


Own Air travel


Every online


E-tickets granted
Industry common 11. 0% 14. 5% 19. 1%
North America twenty nine. 5% 37. 1% 41. 4%
The european union 15. 2% 16. 0% 20. seven percent
Asia Pacific cycles 7. 6% 10. 2% 16. five per cent

Supply: Airline Business, July 2005

The stand above displays the increase in passengers employing online tickets during travel simply by British Airways.

Travel to airports

Need to of the individuals using atmosphere transport have not recognized the requirement to use general public transport to get to and from the airport. This has led to congestion on surrounding roads. To lessen the over-crowding on the highways passengers are encouraged to use pubic transport to prevent being later. Many individuals do possess bulky suitcases and at the same time they are required to always be at the airport at specific time (Magalia, 2000). Make use of surface get links ought to therefore be encouraged especially by travelers undertaking inter-urban journeys for people who do buiness, non-work/leisure community and shipment that are using links which can be not directly linked with the plug-ins or international airport (Stabler, 1997, p17).

Managing company directors and leader officers of the various airlines and airfields have also prompted the use of Vehicles and instructor services to airports in order to reduce traffic jam and provide a public transfer service to those for to whom rail is usually not available option. These companies are offered twenty four seven to enhance efficiency and effectiveness once handling buyers (Danny and Barbara, 2002, p11). The bus and coach providers are made readily accessible and obtainable from the airport and drop-off points, which can be also in a position at strategic points. The Transport for London (TFL) for instance had agreed that bus halts and tour bus stations may be located since close as possible to traveling objectives, which include terminals and work places.

The expenditure in trainer and coach facilities which can be well placed brings in more people to use the environment transport more often, which in turn is going to lead to better development of airline business (David, 1995). Airport terminal officials currently are working with public travel operators to harmonize the linkage among airports and also other cities and towns near your vicinity (Fredrick, 06\, p25). Good infrastructure development is one of the signals of economical growth of specific country. When ever links to the airports are numerous well established people who will be traveling will also be many.

The usage of Rail transportation has also generated some significant improvement however premature. The breakdown of modes of transport utilized by migrants from UK international airports shows lower levels of rail use. Nevertheless the low level of rail employ can seriously change when new features are provided. For example the building of Docklands mild Rail hyperlink into city Airport offers resulted in 49% of travellers using Dhr therefore bringing about an increase in public transport utilization from 31% in 2003 to 50 percent in 2007 which off course was recognized as one of the highest railroad mode-shares at any airport in britain (Danny and Barbar, 2002, p9).

Security and Safety issues

The need for solid and small security steps was understood on twelve August 06\ when cops tried to quit a thought plot to explode several aeroplanes leaving the UK, possibly employing liquid explosives carried on panel in hand baggage (Fredrick, 2006, p28). Around twenty people were arrested but the greatest obstacle was to introduce a new technology that could detect any risky weapon transported by travellers. Restrictions available luggage had been introduced where passengers were only allowed to carry a tiny range of essential items such as prescription medicines in but in recommended top quality. In the beginning the creation of these restrictions led to the widespread disruption to plane tickets departing from all UK airports such as the cancellation of numerous flights. People are only to carry one small bag without any liquid or perhaps gels upon their airline flight (Frank, june 2006, p16).

When we talk of security, the majority of passengers allow us negative attitude towards applying air travel because of secureness threats. The security issue offers affected air travel business and it is now the problem that airlines should certainly address (Melanie, 2003). Among the problems contain longer lines, increased holding out times to endure security and increasing attack for individuals. In UK the situation is even worse in airports with large numbers of moving passengers.

A lot of the airlines have been completely forced to terminate their flights because of secureness threats. For example British Airways announced in September 06\ that the September alert experienced cost these people ¤40 mil losses from your business (Joby, 2003). Even more losses were also experienced as more cash were to be utilized in coming up or perhaps implementing powerful measures. The airlines are everyday becoming more frustrated at the continuing troubles at security points (Stephen, 2002, p84). This requires the assistance of Govt and airport terminal operators in order to ensure that UK airports can afford and able to handle unexpected situations (Harold and Evra, 1994, p7).

Data Collection method.

This kind of chapter works with how data on research will be carried out. Basically two methods to be used that is giving questionnaires and interviews. Five students with the universities working in london will be picked taking a level in air travel and airport terminal management to assist in collection of data. These students will be given an intensive training for 2 days in relevant questions in the questionnaire. An overall total of five people will be interviewed. The CEO, transport manager and security officer will also be evaluated. The sample method for picking passengers will be randomized grouped sampling.

Info collection approach and methods

Interviews will be conducted where the interviewers will have with themselves a set of questions to be asked and answered. They are expected to have got undergone detailed training about both the approach and which means of each item on the customer survey. The students will also be expected to know the different airfields and flight companies in UK and piloting of the questionnaires will be carried out first to check for create validity.

Data collection procedures.

Info collection procedure will be through questionnaire and interviews. The interviewers to be able to carry out the research will be qualified on the subject of analyze will perform direct in person interviewers while using sample human population stated above with the assistance of a ready questionnaire to elicit response and ensure uniformity. Four kinds of responses which range from very satisfied (VS), none satisfied neither dissatisfied (NS), very/fairly disappointed (VD) and do not know (DN) will be used.

Limit of the examine

The survey is going to deal with different people from diverse cultural qualifications. The interviewers may include problem of winning the interest and trust of travellers. Difficulties in convincing those to be free and genuine may happen. Lack of satisfactory funds could also hinder the achievements of the study because of it to be designed in time.

Work Program

Stage Activity Period
1 Choosing study matter and looking for objectives and hypothesis 10/11/2007 ” 20/11/2007
2 Study design

Expanding, questionnaires

25/11/2007 ” 30/11/2007
3 Growing literature review chapter and reading ebooks 02/12/2007 ” 04/12/2007
4 Writing section on analysis methodologies 07/12/2007 ” 15/12/2007
5 Finding the relevant analysis tools 20/12/2007-24/12/2007
6 Planning and presentation of finding 25/12/2007 ” 30/12/2007
7 Article of the record 01/01/2008 ” 05/01/2008

Structure from the questionnaire

Very/ fair happy (%) Neither satisfied neither dissatisfied (%) (ND) Incredibly dissatisfied (%) (VD) Don’t know (%) (DN)
Public travel link to airport
Number of destination served
Cost of flight
International airport security
Airport facilities
Level of flight gaps
Information about airline flight at airport
Check during times
Local solutions provision and Access


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