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A look at the idea of confusion as depicted simply

The Bluest Eye, Desire

Identity crisis defined as a time of uncertainness and confusion in which a folks sense of identity becomes insecure, typically due to a change in their predicted aims or role in society. The Identity turmoil influences how woman of color look at beauty by looking into making them action differently and trying to absorb. The Bluest Eye published by Toni Morrison uses character Pecola who is African American, and other persons of color to expose the identity catastrophe as well as I wish to be Miss America publicized by Julia Alvarez uses a young Dominican girl to show it. Pecola and the Dominican girl both are stuck in the identity catastrophe and neglect to come out that period.

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Morrison uses her figure “Pecola” to represent the personality crisis since she claims “Long several hours she seated looking in the mirror trying to discover the secret of ugliness” (45), Pecola has not but to recognize her beauty or perhaps her purpose because she was told “you will be ugly people” (39) and society provides put this label on her behalf that your woman fails to emerge from. Jenkins corresponds that society traps her “The person is surrounded by an atmosphere of uncertainty” (423), Pecola being uncertain of what her beauty is usually, and how the lady can only reel in negative energy to their self made by world and aren’t break out. Pecola “Each nighttime without fail the lady prayed pertaining to blue eyes” (Morrison 46), Morrison’s Miltonian style displays that Pecola is caught and is blinded of her beauty since it’s not really the perfect known as “White beauty” and your woman prays ignorantly knowing that won’t be able to happen. Jenkins states, “We have millions of people degrading their own physical attributes and going after the ethereal form of whiteness” (423), Pecola degrades herself because she does not have got white attributes clearly towards the point the lady makes a plea. Antagonist accustomed to expose personality crisis of black woman in the new The Bluest Eye, although they are minor characters. Morrisons paradox That they can themselves had been black It was their disregard for their own blackness, all their exquisitely discovered self-hatred(65), the sole purpose of it is to show that individuals of color will degrade others because their own self-hatred, because they are damaging as well inside suffering the identity turmoil. Jenkins shows In the light world, the person of color encounters issues in the advancement his bodily schema'(423), makes note in Morrison paradox because the black man fails to see that he could be suffering a great identity turmoil while deteriorating someone of his very own color.

Dominican girl of I wish to be Miss America Julia Alvarez problems with the ethnic identity turmoil, Alvarez Comes with “As small teenagers in our new region, my three sisters and i also searched for clues on how to appearance as if all of us belonged right here ¦Where all of us discovered the Miss America contest” (91) The Dominican girl neglects her traditions, because it can not viewed as beauty in the us. Fong confirms “They may possibly pursue sociable interactions with cultural and ethnic teams they understand cultural and ethnic groups¦ (20)”, describing that the Dominican girl wants to interact with the American splendor culture, while neglecting her. Fong clarifies the group person wants to feel accepted rather than declined (21), hence they’ll do anything to be acknowledged even rejecting their social identity, “This is what the Americans put on we would dispute back”, (Alvarez 93) the Dominican young lady without doubt desires to fit in with the dominate group to achieve that American beauty yet again. Fong declares if a group person would not have contact with his or her people and tradition or does not have a support program, it will prolong the person’s personality struggle. (21), Alvarez confirms including ‘ I always felt let down” (95)and ‘ will never be the sweetness queen'(96) and “Miss America¦ she never wears my own face”(96). The Dominican woman clearly struggles to find her cultural identity and is impacted by the problems because American beauty of blonde frizzy hair and blue eyes wires her head to think the fact that only type of beauty and fails to break free from her catastrophe. The Dominican girl was never offered a support system because her culture is not just how Americans perspective beauty.

The Identification crisis influences the way how women of color view beauty which include Pecola through the Bluest Eyesight by Toni Morrison and the Dominican young lady in I have to be Miss America simply by Julia Alvarez. This theme of American splendor including blonde her and blue sight affect the method women of color watch beauty to the extent in which they have difficulty in the personality crisis and also have a negative approach to how they perspective themselves and fail to develop as a personality. The Identification crisis impacts women of color largely, which they are stuck and fail to come out of this problem.

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