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America afghanistan associations while it might

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America-Afghanistan Relations

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Although it might seem counter-intuitive to the average American, it would be beneficial to america to remain allies with Afghanistan. The most passionate argument against this opinion is normally one which recounts the events of September 11th, and which will argues that given the pure nasty that was waged on U. S i9000. soil plus the lives that have been lost, not forgetting the feeling of security and safety that was forever broken, no possible alliance could ever be likely between the U. S. And Afghanistan. Such an opinion does have its validity in some views, but a lot more than anything, this sort of a point of view fails to take into account that it was not the nation of Afghanistan which usually condoned such savage problems on the U. S.; it was renegade pushes within this nation known as the Taliban. A brief history of Afghanistan is useful at this point.

Afghanistan is a country the size of Arizona which is composed of around two hundred fifity, 000 rectangular miles; this can be a landlocked country, resting between countries like Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikstan (Harvey, 2003). This position, as some phone being at the “crossroads of Asia” made Afghanistan vulnerable to invasion and occupation through the years (Harvey, 2003). For instance , the British invaded and occupied Afghanistan for almost a century, being forced out in 1919.

Practically 60 years later, the second phase of occupation happened for the region in 1979-1988. This was when “the Communism Soviet Union which, in the Cold Conflict climate with the times, desired to master its affect over the region. During these years, the United States involved in a proxy server war against the Soviet Union, its long-standing Cold Battle opponent. It was to become among the bloodiest and a lot destructive battles ever battled; it would leave Afghanistan completely devastated” (Harvey, 2003). Another consequence with this invasion was what it forgotten: legions of well-trained Islamic radicals, a network of terrorists and bales of Anti-American emotions (Harvey, 2003). As Harvey aptly highlights, when the U. S. occupied Iraq following the events of 9/11, it marked another time which the country experienced experienced such occupation (2003).

Demographics of Afghanistan

The is the forty ninth largest country in the world with the fortieth many populated volume of people (Breede, 2008). The climate in the country is definitely intense and harsh: the summers are extremely hot as well as the winters are incredibly cold and there’s snowfall in the tremendous mountain regions (Breede, 2008). Around 28 mil people reside in Afghanistan, as well as the nation is definitely populated using a range of several languages: 42% speak Pushtu (often inside the east and south) the Tadjiks inside the noth and south speak Dari; the parts of the people are Hazaras (of Mogol descent), the Turkmen, the Uzbecks, and the Nuristans (Harvey, 2003). Afghanistan has low rates of literacy, that is not a surprise to get a nation containing such a big mix of dialects and which is mostly rustic based (Breese, 2008). The country weighs a good deal based on tribe distinctions and classes and Islam remains the prominent religion which 99% from the people stick to. The family is still seen as an crucial establishment in Afghanistan, perhaps one of the most essential. “Afghanistan individuals have strong beliefs, beliefs and rules encircling the as well as its member’s behavior. Also families are quite dependent upon one another to meet many aspects of everyday existence. Family jobs are complex and they modify depending upon ethnicity and region” (Merrill et al., 2006). As one of the most critical institutions even now present in the nation, gender roles are still extremely entrenched, with women taking care of children and doing housework.

Reasons for Cha?non between U. S. And Afghanistan

It can be in the best interest pertaining to America’s sense of basic safety and to create congenial relationships with the Central East generally to promote an bijou and alliance with Afghanistan. For Afghanistan, the U. S. presence in their region helps in a lot of nature to determine some degree of stability within their country: “The United States has adopted the mission of ‘global

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