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Customer support at Nordstrom and Potential Conflicts Case Study Vanessa Electronic. Rivera St Leo University Customer Service in Nordstrom and Potential Conflicts Case Study With 50, 1000 employees and 170 stores throughout the Us Nordstrom can be described as major gamer in the high-class goods department. Founded actually as a sneaker store by John T.

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Nordstrom and Carl Wallin, Nordstrom became the largest impartial shoe sequence in the United States. By simply 1960, Nordstrom decided to your clothing arena by purchasing Best Apparel, and continued to expand it markets through the acquisition of different luxury items.

Nordstrom’s continued growth and success originate from their organization philosophy based on “exceptional services, selection, quality and value (About Nordstrom, 2011). Today Nordstrom “has grown from one downtown Detroit shoe retail outlet into a country wide fashion specialized chain with renowned solutions, generous size ranges and a selection of the optimum apparel, shoes, and components for the entire family (About Nordstrom, 2011). Over 100 years, primary continues to be similar, catering to customer requires, individually. Nordstrom’s business philosophy could not be achieved without the exceptional employees.

Nordstrom posseses an excellent record in the improvement of women and minorities. In their commitment to diversity they will “cultivate a place where the efforts of every staff, customer and vendorare respected (Nordstrom Cares about you, 2011). Their very own focus on tending to their persons even visits creating a well being program. The wellness program designed to support employees concentrate on better consuming, better living, and a much better sense of balance. Their particular wellness program provides support through on-site health screening, coaching, and online resources. Nordstrom employeesare treatedas a part of a family group.

It is no surprise why Nordstrom continues to be voted Forbes 95 Best Firms to improve. Their empowering of the staff is what encourages the excellent customer support they provide. All their reverted pyramid is a representation of their philosophy and composition. At the top, with the pyramid will be their customers, accompanied by sales and support people. In the middle are the department managers followed by the merchandising group, store managers, and regional managers. In the bottom, of the pyramid is you choose to find the executive group and table of directors (Nordstrom The Structure, 2011).

Nordstrom’soutstandingefforts possess helped steer this extravagance retailer in the economic complications in 08 and 2009. The 2010 annual statement card reveals an increase in net sales, earnings before salary and taxes, net revenue, earning every basic reveal, earning every diluted reveal, and money dividend paid out per reveal. To be specific, net sales for 2010 have improved by doze. 7% coming from last year and net income have improved by 39%. Nordstrom left the Great Despression symptoms and will always come out of the countless financial downturn they face because of their method of dealing with consumers.

The implications of their philosophies can be seen in their particular annual statement. In times of economic downturn were buyers choose to use their money properly, they want to spend that in a place were their experienceis maximized. “Nordstrom knowsit’snot the price however the customer service that gains and retains faithful customers that generate solid profits (Nelson & Quick, 2011). Turmoil is “any situation through which incompatible desired goals, attitudes, emotions, or actions lead to difference op competitors for two or maybe more parties (Nelson & Quick, 2011). Working with dissatisfied consumers can be a wonderful source of turmoil for suppliers.

Conflict can be viewed as inches a breakdown inside the standard system of making decisions, so that a person or group experiences trouble selecting a great alternative (Rahim, 2000). Offered Nordstrom’s method of customer service and customer relationships the “breakdown causing troubles does not arise. They diffuse conflict conditions by choosing to consider the blame or burden of evidence away from the customer. Their capability to deliver happy customers has led them to continue for over 100 years through the different ups and downs with the economy. One of the main problems impacting Retailers with their success is customer satisfaction. Retailers know that pleased customers are loyal customers (Ahmad, 2009). Nordstrom’s approach to customer service and customer romantic relationship managementis intendedto build associations that result in customers getting back to make even more purchases. Nordstrom seeks to improve customer relationships by holding the right goods that gratify client requires, their business presentation of goods generate interest in their particular clients, and the ability to offer extraordinary customer care been proven to be appropriate while using release with their 2010 total annual report.

Buyers are the most significant assets of the company, therefore , the “competitive leadership visits those companies that are customer-oriented. Customers happen to be increasingly requiring unique, customized buying activities that enhance existing human relationships as well as provide fresh, interesting sources of value (Ross, 2008). Customers today perceive value arising from all their experience they receive to get greater than you see, the goods they will acquire. Nordstrom’s approach to customer support and customer relationship management allows Nordstrom to continue to become competitive huge in the dealer industry. Amazing classifying styles of conflict management styles is to examine the styles’ assertiveness (the degree to which you want your goals met) and the cooperativeness (the extent that you want to view the other party’s concern met) (Nelson & Quick, 2011). Nordstrom’s supervision culture states, ” healthful competition can be good (Nordstrom Cares, 2011). Competing is a style that is manly in character and usually uncooperative. This is not the case with Nordstrom. Management encourages winning by using a team environment.

Competition in small dosages is rousing, competition encourages people to exceed to meet all their goals. The real key to Nordstrom competing design is that they usually do not achieve their very own goals at the expense more. They understand outstanding functionality but benefit kindness most importantly. “We nonetheless believe the golden regulation has a wide range of merit: Handle others asyou’dlike to be cured. We work harder to offer great service to just about every customer and we believe wonderful service starts with good manners to everybody, customers and coworkers alike (Nordstrom Cares about you, 2011).

Their style likewise reflects cooperation. Nordstrom works towards effort arriving at a remedy that is acceptable to both their customers and employees. Their very own focus is providing customers together with the best possible support. They meet client requirements and while this accomplish their very own desire of fantastic customer service. It is just a win-win design for the business and the customer. Nordstrom likewise approaches consumer relationship administration through compromising. In a limiting style, both parties are equally powerful. A compromising styleis used” for avoiding prolonged conflict (Rahim, 2000).

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