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Materials, Theory

This kind of project involves 4 parts: A. Company Theory books review. B.

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Discussion of appropriate theories and concepts (synthesis of books reviewed) as they relate to problems and problems organizations deal with today. C. Organizational Research using the Baldridge P1/P2 standards (focus upon diagnosis). Deb. Recommendations for interventions (should be based on your organizational research and books review). A. Organizational Theory Literature Review(60 points) Students are expected to examine current and relevant OT literature and give an annotated summary of every. Use the following web site as a guide: http://www. isc. edu/writing/Handbook/AnnotatedBibliography. html. Every summary must be thorough, exact, and the main point(s) must be clear. A minimum of 10 resources must be chosen and referenced. APA design is required. Utilize following web site as a information: Be sure you are using the sixth edition of APA. APA Formatting Columbia College American Psychological Affiliation http://www. apastyle. org/fifthchanges. html http://www. owl. english. purdue. edu/handouts/research/r_apa. html code http://www. apa. org/ http://www. vanguard. edu/faculty/ddegelman/index_cfm? doc_id=796 http://www. wisc. edu/writetest/handbook/docapacitations. html http://www. fpg. nc. edu/`jei/apa5. pdf format http://www. crk. umn. eud/library/links/apa5th. htm http://www. wisc. edu/writing/handbook/docapaheadings. html http://www. msubillings. edu/asc/pdf-writinglab/apa%20guidelines. pdf B. Literature Activity (100 points) Students will certainly discuss relevant concepts, dynamics, and types from not simply their literary works review, nevertheless from course materials as well as the text. The author must recognize and discuss current issues and/or problems organizations face today. Display how OT concepts relate with and/or support these issues and challenges. C. Organizational Evaluation (50 points) Connect to the Baldridge Standards web site: www. uality. nist. gov. Utilize the Organizational Account (P1/P2) standards to research an organization of your choice. You may use the criteria ideal to your selected organization (i. e. making, healthcare, education, etc . ) It is strongly recommended that the college student has entry to and understanding of the organization they will choose. In case the organization picked is a large and dynamic organization (i. e. Lockheed Martin, U. S. Military), the research may be limited to a specific office or group. Before attempting to write down the research, an understanding in the criteria version may be helpful.

The research is to be submitted in an Exec Summary format and will not really exceed your five pages long. Use the pursuing site like a guide on paper your overview: http://www. columbia. edu/~ftg1/WRITING%20EXECUT. BRIEF SUMMARY. html. Makes (25) points will be deducted if more than 5 web pages for this component are published. D. Analysis Application(100 points) It is predicted that in the organizational research (description of the current express of the organization) that the pupil will have determined issues and challenges that are impacting company performance and outcomes.

Based upon these studies, provide recommended strategies. Suggested strategies must be based on the synthesized literature and other relevant course elements. In addition to recommended approaches, expected effects must be discussed. Note: Details will be subtracted if less than 25 or maybe more than 31 pages are submitted for this project. Title pages, graphs and designs, and research pages will never be counted toward page limitations.

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