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Vice president : Finance & marketing Essay

Having a MBA in finance in marketing, this individual has knowledge as a great intern at Goldman Sachs.

He has prior work experience in Tata Group of corporations specifically in the field of CAD drafting/designing. He is a GE authorized Black Belt professional and is well versed with six sigma ideas. His responsibility should be to implement a strategic marketing program and also to come up with a sound economic plan for Vertebral dynamics. Mature Scientist: Study & Expansion Ahmad Faizan. A PhD in Bioengineering with specialization in spinal function, he has worked with various firms developing the prototype and creating assessment protocols in line with the defined requirements.

He will become solely responsible for conceptualization and building up of an prototype from the scratch. He’d also design and style plans to get clinical trials and all other trial and error endeavors that would be undertaken for Spinal dynamics. The design group both in Canada and the U. S could report to him. Advisory Board.

Advisory authorities members Address Expertise Dr Vijay Goel, PhD 5046 NI, MS 303, University of Engineering, University of Toledo, Toledo, OH 43606 Endowed Couch & McMaster-Gardner Professor of Orthopedic Bioengineering Colleges of Engineering and Medicine College or university of Toledo, Toledo, OH 43606 Dr Lisa Ferrara OrthoKinetic Solutions, LLC 2790 Creekbridge Court docket Southport, NC 28461 3rd party Consultant SUPERVISION Member Part Tina Andrews Secretary Bob Adams Scrivener Jim Andrews, Attorney Legal professional for Spinal Dynamics. Kendra Holden Nationwide city, Banker OWNERSHIP: NAME: 50% Prasant Vadlamudi 20% Dr Ahmad Faizan 15% Dr David Smith 15%.

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