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Marketing Research Essay

Conclusion The objective of this studies to identify whether Dilmah should continue the existing campaign or modify the campaign. The end result from the extra research and first qantative exploration show the total black tea sales features great increased about 13% from 08 – 2009 which is a excellent result in the community economic recession time period.

Dilmah offers market share of 29% which is the highest talk about of one manufacturer. Dilmah goal customer is traditional family and age can be from middle to older group. The Larry report says their customers are satisiftied with the finest and finest tea quality and customers agreed Dilmah has achieved the goal of tea quality. The key tea industry are in Auckland 51% in 2009, Wellington and Canterburry. From major research conclusions, female features higher getting tea percentage than man and the age bracket is thirty eight and more.

People who find themselves employeed since income earner less than twenty hours can be recall viewing the TV advertising. Dilmah doesn’t have the top of brain brand recognition for the age group 36-45 but it is mostly recognized by the age group 26-35. Dilmah problems Bell is definitely a strong competitetor of Dilmah in black tea market as they have a very close market share percentages more than years coming from 2005 to 2009. Bells is more reconigized at the age group of thirty-five – 46 by 94% (193) but the age group of 18 – 25 and 46 and over still have 67% and 61% top of mind manufacturer awareness intended for Bell.

The 58% old group 21 – thirty five has best of brain brand awareness for Dilmah and the 33% of age group 18 – 25 has top of mind company awareness intended for Dilmah. 59% of man and 64% female almost all reconigized Bells but 39% male and 13% woman know Dilmah as leading of mind brandawareness. 6% of much less 20 days knows Bell but 15% knows Dilmah.

61% of non employeed knows Dilmah…but which they might not be the main group who buy tea normally in the household. 32% of 35 – 46 who purchased tea Be to cafe previous 4 weeks: Feminine purchased tea more $704, 000 and is about 4x than male $188, 000 at sales.

Top primary 3 group purchase tea 40 – 44, forty-five – 49 and 75 and over RM: Who bought tea last 4 months: * two main group: 64% of traditional relatives (middle to mature age group with secure income and family focused and traditional value) and 41% obvious achievers plus they have very similar family principles Who acquired tea last 3 months 2. 36 – 45 and 46 and also for bell (29% of interviewers acquired Bell Tea) * twenty six – thirty-five and thirty eight – forty five for Dilmah (30% of interviewer purchased Dilmah) 2. 25% acquired Twinings The market trend to drink black is from 3 years ago because the dark tea sales. The total dark sale of 2005 to 2009 has increased continuously which presented the powerful of the media and marketing from the extra data findings.

The result implies that those three major brands Dilmah, Bell and Twinings are invested in to the most effective types of media in the past three to four years. Dilmah media spending has always been the very best in TV SET advertising via 2005 – 2008 ( 67% to 91% of Dilmah total expenditure of media) in addition to 2009 comparing to the main three tea brands. Bells, the second tea brand put in the most amount of cash in TV SET advertisement for 2009 which showed the result of the total tea sale was your only one brand has already established increases product sales from 08 to 2009 about few percentages.

Dilmah reduced the spending to get TV advertising campaign about 23% which has a little bit reduced the tea product sales about little percentage but Dilmah remains No . one particular of black tea industry. As a result, Dilmah has been often focusing on the ideal media form for advertising their particular product and has been powerful on the result of sales and market share. Even so, Dilmah still lacks the brand awareness mainly because it shows inside the primary as well as qanatative exploration findings that Dilmah would not come to “Top of mind manufacturer awareness” and Bell was your first tea brand comes for their mind. 62% of interviewers chose Bells and only 22% of interviewers chose Dilmah which makes Dilmah comes second.

This clearly shows Dilmah has significant issue regarding the brand consciousness which has always been an issue of these trying to accomplish it. From your research studies, the main group which has been purchased tea intended for last several months are definitely the total dark-colored tea industry sales coming from 2008 – 2009 provides huge progress about 13%. The total The goal of this research is to identify whether Dilmah will need to continue the current campaign or perhaps modify the campaign. The end result from the secondary research and first qantative study are demonstrating the most effective types of media and publicity is TV promoting which the marketing campaign is concentrating on.

The past few years that Dilmah has become focus on TV advertising as well as the result reveals the product sales of Dilmah black tea has been increased steadily. It proved TV advertising has achieved the result of increasing the sales of tea. Your research has looked into the a few objectives which can be key trends in the tea market, key customer portions and a profile of each, levels of brand consciousness and evaluate attitudes toward teas as being a drink. The findings demonstrate Dilmah should certainly continue the current campaign since it is.

Key trend in the tea market (market size, market share and price…etc) Key customer segment and a profile of every Brand Recognition The most effective kind of media and publicity Frame of mind toward to tea as a drink Recommendation Id study problems / to understand as well as to investigate as well as to explore The major research has contained five objectives are crucial trend in the tea marketplace, key buyer segments, the very best forms of press and marketing and the measurement attitude toward tea as a drink. Regrettably, it has got 800 review but female is almost twice of man. This may because the survey reliability as the secondary study findings displays female has much higher percentage of purchasing the tea which might affect the study.

Beside, there is one more essential finding that via middle to mature age ranges are also the key groups of tea purchasing. The survey even offers higher percentage people with the age group of 36 – 45 and 45 and over. In the main research, they have covered quite nicely at the brand awareness problem but you will find not enough details which necessary to support the campaign should certainly keep going or modify with the objectives of effectiveness of media, frame of mind to buy / drink tea and account of customer segment.

The real key customer section by job should be full-time worker, part time worker or non-employed. It will be good to be aware of who does food shopping of the home. Full time housewife with out job or Stay at home mom with in your free time job, part-time student or full time scholar The attitude toward to tea while drink will be good to have the question of what kind of tea is among the most favorite to drink? Answer to be black, herbal and green tea extract which can help to be aware of the current trend of beverage tea.

5. Main reasons of having the tea What kind the labels is the most preferred etc paper bag, tin, glass container …etc… 2. What kind of advertising comes to mind when you think about tea advertising and marketing? * What would you anticipate to see coming from tea advertising and marketing? Tea background, fashion trend, tea taste…etc * Attitude to obtain / consuming tea? (change to actionable statement – to identify 2. Effectiveness of advertising 2. Profile of segments – behaviour (drinking tea) The secondary and first researches have a very good numbers of good information and data to aid the continued marketing campaign of TV advertisement as the most effective form of media.

Nevertheless , it nonetheless lack the important information and data crucial customer portion, attitude toward to tea as drink and the type of tea advertising to support the campaign. The important thing customer portion will indicate which group is key consumers buy tea for the household and when and exactly where will the ideal to have marketing campaign on relating the life customers. The great data of attitude toward tea as drink can modify the campaign to the advertising that consumers would expect to see and in addition show who main people are. The type of multimedia form will certainly encourage buyers to purchase Dilmah tea manufacturer.

Sometimes, it is quite hard to encourage customers to change the rand name they have consumed for while as tea is a very friends and family oriented drink. Drinking tea can be the family members habit which dominated by main person who is looking for the household. For that reason, it is essential to have focus group qualitative study to The analysis requires eight – doze people and homogeneous with regards to demorgraphic and socio-economic attributes. Of course , the individuals need to have the habit of drinking tea. The final thing is hasn’t participated in lots of focus organizations.

The reseach will also need a relax environment and it will completes in about 1 . your five – 2 hours. The research will be recorded every relvant information including cosmetic expression and body language so the recorder will have to be in the central front in the room in back of the ansager. The ansager will problem the group and business lead the discussion for the proper way to motivate the group not hesitate to express individual ideas and opinions.

A great qualified pemandu will be unattached but kind and Final statement Discover the need for que research … (topic) To explain yes we have got some great information but nonetheless lack several important information… for support – to provide more about how exactly to present to public… to recommend what should want according to behaviour… or perhaps age group… Just comes one assertion that is workable to total by the analysis (your task)… Going to Appendix Good morning/ afternoon Thank you for taking the time to fulfill with us. All of us will reverance your time by causing sure that all of us wrap up over the following 90 minutes. Does anyone brain if we mp3 record this kind of for each of our records?

The tape will be only work with for the truth study from the major tea brand advertising campaign design. Our company is researchers underneath contract with the major tea brand to conduct the tea manufacturer awareness plus the attitude toward to tea as a beverage. Our analysis is conformative and qualitative. This means that each of our primary stage is to collect information in order to the major tea brand origination finest tea product and improve the brand awareness.

The data we acquire is by style descriptive rather than numeric. We certainly have a system intended for quantifying qualitative information, however for now, all of us don’t must be concerned with counting things. We just desire your ideas and opinions. There is not any right and wrong for every single question and each idea and opinion are very beneficial information pertaining to the research.

Virtually any question before we start off? Be sure that everybody signs and completes the info on the sign-up sheet. Key themes Recommended question End the guidebook with some sort of thank you and conclusion – recognize that persons will have absent out with their way to participate

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