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Strategic Marketing Strategy Essay

This examination provides the two an offensive and protecting strategic circumstance through which to distinguish opportunities and threats. Rival analysis is commonly with the give attention to the rivals as „rivals? and the objective is to discover the strengths and weaknesses of the rivals in order to develop ways to „fight the battle?.

Primary of rival analysis can be thus not just in gain a plus over direct competitors yet also to search for starting factors for effort. (Jooste, Strydom, Berndt & du Plessis, 2008, l. 96). The focus will be to solution the following: Who have Woolworths? present and potential competitors will be What positions they have set up in the market What their tactical objectives and thrusts are What their particular present and future approaches are What their abilities and failings are What their response patterns are In order to response these queries effectively, a framework to get competitor research will be used. This framework can be comprised of several main pieces (divided in sub-components), each of which will always be discussed in greater detail.

These several main steps in performing a competitor analysis include: discovering the competitor; analysing tactical groups; analysing key competition and predicting likely response strategies. 1 . 1 Figuring out the competitor The first step or component of this kind of framework should be to identify the competitors, keeping in mind that rivals can be grouped into several categories.

Discovering one? h competitors may appear like a simple task, in actuality the product range of actual and potential competitors faced by an organisation is a lot broader than appears to be, even though it is much more challenging to ascertain whom „potential? ustomers are. several 1 . 2 Direct competitors versus potential competitors According to Unisa (2010), competition is a task that occurs between rival firms that produce similar offerings and among industries that compete to fulfill similar requires of the same customers. For example , competitor companies would include THE CAR, Mercedes Benz and Audi and competitor industries would include motor car and motorcycle industries.

These opponent companies are known as competitors and two common methods utilized to identify direct competitors contain customer awareness and strategic groups. Figuring out competitors employing customer awareness means requesting customers to whom and what they consider when making their purchase choices. The 2nd method involves identifying rivals whose competitive strategies conflict with organisation? s approaches. These competitors can be branded as „direct?.

Direct competition include: rivals competing to meet the same customer need; market competition; manufacturer product line competition; efficiency competition and brand competition. 1 . Discovering Woolworths’ opponents As known above, it will be possible to classify opponents according to different amounts. Woolworths is a company that competes against diverse competitors in various product classes.

According to Cant and Machado (2010), Woolworths? rivals in the selling super market field include An amount of spar, Checkers, Pick „n Pay, Shoprite and Massmart. In the retail clothing market, Woolworths? direct competition includes Truworths, Foschini, Edgars, Mr Value, Jet and Ackermans/Pep. installment payments on your

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