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Understanding Consumer Behavior Essay

The study of client behavior is exploring the consumer obtaining process of want recognition, search and evaluation, purchase, work with and merchandise disposal. Understanding consumer actions are crucial to determine the ideal marketplace for particular products and what marketing strategies to employ to achieve organizational objectives. The intent of the paper is always to identify the buyers of Dannon Activia Yogurt plus the personal elements that effect their getting decision. Dannon Activia is known as a delicious and nutritious yogurt packed with vitamins and minerals.

It is added to the market as being a probiotic merchandise that helps with occasional anomaly and purifying one’s gastrointestinal tract. It is available in assorted flavors such as peach, pear and so forth. The internet marketers of Activia know that a terrific way to influence customer behavior is to offer buyers a satisfactory motive simply by convincing them they need the item for legitimate health causes.

For example , all their slogan Take the challenge almost dares the consumer to try the merchandise and go through the difference inside their digestive system. Buyers want to know that they can be doing something rewarding just like practicing good health. The customers very likely to purchase this item are health conscious individuals. This targets the two young and old people with digestive health issues wishing to regulate all their intestinal motility.

People with active lives and the ones who merely enjoy the gratifying taste of the Activia will buy the merchandise. It is not designed as a weight-loss tool although individuals seeking to lose weight will likely purchase Activia as a low in calories snack. A few personal factors that affect someone purchasing Dannon Activia Yogurt are their health motivation, well being status and the conscientiousness regarding nutrition. Consumers’ susceptibility and product understanding must also be looked at. Other factors are the consumers’ grow older, personality, frame of mind, self-efficacy, self-concept, taste choices and lifestyle.

This product examination demonstrates how personal, internal and sociable determinants is used for market, psychographic and behavioral segmentation. It reestablishes the importance of understanding client behavior in determining goal markets and effective marketing policies.

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