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The History of England Since 1688 Essay

When ever King Charles II perished in 1685, King Wayne II ascended to the tub in 1688. Being a Catholic, his 1st action was to work for the revocation with the Test Act. When Legislative house denied his request, Ruler James II abolished the legislature.

Being a sign of protest, this individual appointed Catholics to detrimental and army positions. In 1687, this individual issued a declaration that most religious tests would be null and void (Hooker, 2008). The Origins of the Glorious Revolution The English Legislative house did not just like what King James II was performing.

Both the Whigs and the Tories reached a consensus that having Catholic monarchs was intolerable so they expected William, the Duke of Orange committed to Martha, King James’ II sibling, to seep into England (Hooker, 2008). In 1688, William of Lemon sailed from the Netherlands to England so that they can capture the throne. Along with him, William of Orange brought a mighty fleet consisting of 53 warships and you, 700 cannons. The helping fleet consisted of 20, 1000 men, several. 000 mounts, weapons, and equipments (Rennell, n. d).

This strive of William Orange was, unlike Italy, Napoleon, and Hitler, the first successful conquest of Britain. He was after all heir to the throne being the husband of Mary, the eldest little girl of California king James II. Realizing that he had lost the support of England, Wayne decided to flee to France under the protection of John XIV.

Parliament declared the throne empty after California king James II went on exil (Rennell, in. d). The big event was referred to as Glorious Revolution because King James II was deposed without any bloodshed. Afterwards, Parliament implemented legislation of Legal rights which limited the power of the ruler over Parliament and over persons which would eventually lay down the groundwork for the American Bill of Rights one hundred years afterwards (Hooker, 2008). The new Bill of Rights had the next provisions: No monarch could conquer to the throne without the consent of Parliament The monarch will be subjected to all of the laws with the land No Catholic could become ruler of England A hundred years of Growth The 1800s in England was marked by beginning of the Professional Revolution.

Introduced and later utilization of the steam-powered equipment paved the way to get an increase in the amount of factories (Nettlesworth Primary College, n. d). With the progress in the range of factories, people from the non-urban regions relocated towards the towns in the desire of finding a better-paying task. The cash flow of maqui berry farmers was really low and there are minimal task opportunities upon farms because of threshers (Nettlesworth Primary University, n. d). Due to the influx of maqui berry farmers from the rural regions, the cities became overly booming and the condition in London was getting poor.

Nearly 1/5 of England’s population was in London that was at that time not yet ready to recognize an increase in populace (Nettlesworth Major School, d. d). The coal puits provided employment opportunities to women and children. Young kids were employed as trappers who would available the door by simply pulling a string if the coal wagons arrived. In 1842, the Mines Action was passed by the authorities which prohibited children and females from doing work in the coal mines (Nettlesworth Primary College, n. d). Improving Circumstances Slowly but surely, the unemployed of the poor was enhancing.

In 1848, Parliament enacted laws that allowed metropolis councils to clean up the pavements. Birmingham was among the first towns that started to be a healthy spot to live in. Sewerage and draining systems were likewise made (Nettlesworth Major School, in. d). Sources Child Labor & The commercial Revolution.

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