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Morrisons Swot Essay

Richard Hammond, use of familiar face to advertise the company within a celebrity excessive society. •Emphasis on acquiring and circulation of quality British item at competitive price when compared with competitors •Acquisition of new stores and expansion of the organization, steady rise in company profits in recent years Weakness: •Company target mostly in food products as the market share intended for daily merchandise, accessories and pharmaceutical will be being above taken by competitors. i. e. Tesco, Asda •The monetary crisis- means possible customers cannot afford to spend their cash flow quickly and may prefer for a better value before you make sale •The company several other major supermarkets will be essentially employed in a negative seed money meaning the always in personal debt •Company lagging behind in implementing its digital companies to it is customers in comparison to the major rivals such as Petrol station who’ve acquired their on the web service operation for several years right now •Globalization means cheaper and equally quality product may and are being sold by the stores competitors in competitive selling price Opportunity: •Branching out in to other business ventures like pharmaceutical drugs, opticians, gadgets, entertainment goods, clothes and many more •Focusing more on client satisfaction and easy convenience to be able to portray the corporation in a confident manner •Special deals and offers on common consumer merchandise as in meals stuff & hygiene, during such financial instability to present solidarity and understanding for the customers Risks: Adverse climate conditions such as snow storms and heavy rain, etc above major product sales season may result in poor profit margins • Due to external geo-political pressure i. elizabeth. new regulations brought in by the E. U may result in heavy decrease of possible cash flow •Recent financial crisis means losing hundreds of thousands of job and business damage, directly influencing the spending power of will be customers whom may seek out cheaper alternatives to a supermarket •Competitors from major Western european supermarket Shedding valuable suppliers and fianancial aid from banking institutions due to the overall economy

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