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Tjx Companies Essay

The data robbery that TJX Companies experienced was caused by using the Wired Equivalent Personal privacy (WEP) encryption system. The WEP had become easy for cyber criminals to get around and had become quite old.

TJX also failed to correctly encrypt info on a lot of the employee personal computers that were using the wireless network, and would not have an powerful firewall. The organization had as well purchased further security programs that were certainly not installed properly. An alternative to the out of date WEP could have quickly been applied. The Wi-Fi Protected Gain access to (WPA) normal in conjunction with a classy encryption system could have been utilized to replace the WEP.

Firewalls could have lowered or taken away the ability with the hackers to gain access to sensitive data. Lastly the corporation should have ensured that all personal computers containing customer information had been secure when connecting to a wireless network. The cost linked to data breaches can be tremendous and endless. A data breach can include severe repercussions including reputational costs to organization and brand.

A data breach may also cause losing confidence and apprehension in consumer. As a result will cause less people to store with TJX companies that may create a reduction in earnings. The consumer may also have costs and illegal use of their credit data. Banks and issuers of credit and debit cards were forced to change the stolen cards and refund any cash that was stolen because of fraudulent credit rating or debit charges. I think that TJX should have used full responsibility for that data theft.

I believe that the biggest moral obligation that had not been met may be the obligation to securely retail outlet customer data. This meaning fault have been estimated to cost upwards of one billion dollars dollars. My spouse and i also believe TJX must have been placed accountable for most damages because it was their very own lack of reliability that allowed the cyber-terrorist to steal the information in the first place.

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