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Wireless network Essay Samples

Cyber crime in context of theft of data

Cyber Crimes, Web Security Theft of data is one of the biggest problems which have turn into nightmare in context of wireless marketing. WEP is recognized as as the actual weak security and it is stated that it is password could be cracked inside few minutes moving very simple and easy producers. WPA is the […]

Authentication mistake

Pages: three or more Sometimes as you try to log in to a wifi network, you have an authentication error. This is a common issue that is experienced by many tablet and Google android smartphone users. What is frustrating is the fact that the error arises even if you include entered the right password. This […]

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Tjx Companies Essay

The data robbery that TJX Companies experienced was caused by using the Wired Equivalent Personal privacy (WEP) encryption system. The WEP had become easy for cyber criminals to get around and had become quite old. TJX also failed to correctly encrypt info on a lot of the employee personal computers that were using the wireless […]