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The development and learning of babies Essay

Final result 2 needs you to..

Be able to promote the development and learning of infants and young kids 2 . 1 Undertake assessments of infants or children development and learning demands — types of statement 2 . two Demonstrate in own practice how the interior and outdoor environment is usually responsive to the expansion and learning needs of babies and young children — consider what activities are provided and how a setting is laid out, where staff members are present, wherever they are not, how the enviorment or play places change to participate, interest and challenge kids appropriately and how they adjust to remove any kind of barriers which may prevent introduction or participation. 2 . some Demonstrate in own practice the supply of perform based actions and experiences to promote creation and learning that are focused on babies or young children’s needs Final result 3 desires you to.. Understand the attachment requirements of infants and children 3. one particular Explain the advantages of the key worker/person system at the begining of years options 3. 2 Explain how babies and young children find out and develop best from a basis of adoring, secure associations with carers and with key persons in work configurations 3. several Analyse the possible effects of poor quality accessories on the advancement babies and children

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