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“The Story of the Stuff” by Annie Leonard Essay

The Story of the Stuff which is manufactured by Annie Leonard was very interesting and informative. It helped me realize that no matter how small the stuffs all of us use in the everyday life, it will not be taken for granted since the economic system is crisis and we can’t carry on and run on a linear system since we all live on a planet of limited methods. People turn into obsessed with consumerism, especially when considering new technology. Things that people buy and after that discard proceed through different phases: extraction, creation, distribution, ingestion and fingertips.

Corporations have become bigger than our federal government and the 1st limit towards the system is fermage of our natural resources. Were consuming goods to the point where 1/4 of our normal resources already are used up with 30% of your waste shipping to other locations of the world. Due to these circumstances, almost all of each of our forest have been cut down, and yet this organizations who even now wants to lower them do not “corporate environmental responsibility”, what exactly they want is always getting more earnings. They should feel that if all of the resources in earth runs out, possibly money can’t revert the damage they have done to these nonrenewable resources. Likewise they can’t already get yourself a dvd resources in the over-exploited third world countries.

The government hasn’t done enough actions to cope with these problems. I think it is appalling and irresponsible of the government. Probably just probably they are doing actions or made rules to minimize these occurrences however it wouldn’t be enough seeing that corporations can lend cash to those damaged officials in whose minds happen to be obsessed with money then poof, the organizations will continue its businesses.

It is not basically the fault of the companies or the government, each persons also added on consuming the limited resources the entire world have. In today’s period, consumers is among the most new wicked of the culture, consumption features turned coming from necessity to excessiveness. Through planned and perceived obsolescence we have flipped against everybody including ourselves. Consumerism triggered tremendous increase in the variety of products.

Each product life cycle by raw material extraction to its ingestion has an effect on the environment as a whole. For example , due to toxics like dioxins and furans, there is change in the atmosphere thus impacting both plants and creatures of our entire world. To focus on this developing hunger, creation house would not maintain any standards in the degradation of human, social and monetary capital. Rather than playing the role as a regulator, the governments are playing the role being a promoter.

Although there is a method forward, we and planet are complimentary not supplementary. We should commence focusing on sealed production trap, renewable energy, zero waste. Sustainable development is definitely the way forwards for eco friendly life. We all can’t merely start new with a totally new system, nevertheless I believe we can take the current system and revamp it in a way that we become more accountable as consumers and people. We need to get back our government and bring together to see the big picture.

By unity we make equity, improve our local living financial systems and enhance sustainability!

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