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A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove Essay

A bridge to wiseman’s cove, by Adam Moloney can be described as novel in regards to a young man known as Carl Matt; it undergoes all the issues he confronts during his life in wattle beach.

At the beginning of this kind of novel, the importance of family seems to be the key theme, nevertheless , as the storyplot continues, different themes will be introduced such as knowing the difference between wrong and right, how one views himself, in other words body image, abandonment, the advantages of love, disregard, loneliness and many more. Right from the beginning of the story someone is introduced to some of the primary characters of the novel including Kerry, the mother of Carl, his younger close friend Harley fantastic older sister Sarah. Coming from as early as the first few chapters the theme of desertion is released when Kerry decides to abandon Carl and his two other siblings.

But this kind of isn’t the last time you read about abandonment it seems to become reoccurring event. It is shortly discovered that Kerry was also abandoned simply by her three previous sweethearts that the lady had a child each with! Sarah in that case tells Carl and Harley davidson that they will spend their vacations with their Aunt Beryl in Wattle beach front while she goes on any occasion of her own.

Its not long right up until they appreciate that Dorothy won’t end up being coming back via her getaway any time soon, that means Carl have been abandoned once again. Once you think no one otherwise could keep Carl, Harley leaves him too experience the Duncan’s family, when living with beryl for him becomes unbearable. Being deserted so many times, Carl is remaining feeling harm, confused and neglected! That’s where the styles loneliness plus the need for appreciate come in.

Once Carl initial arrives, he can miserable and lonely: “alone in the playground, Carl wishes he was a concrete law, set right now there for the birds to sit on. Simply no thoughts, no cares, zero pain, only years of enduring in the sun and rain until there was nothing more” (pg. 29) He is later told by Justine that he has been “playing dead” (p.

184). Carl finally confesses that he’s hurt inside by what he’s mother has been doing, and this individual doesn’t also know in the event he is adored or not. He explains to Justine that “there’s something damaged inside of me personally.

Every time I try start it hurts and I have to stop” (p. 278). “I’m upset.  All enough time it was that you fear. That she didn’t love me personally. ” (p.

232) Carl is big, awkward, and well aware of his body. The Oxford dictionary identifies “body image” as the subjective picture or mental image of one’s own physique. For Carl body image is important, other then being low is self confidence, he is and so self-conscience of what other people might declare or think about him he wore a t-shirt when he went swimming to protect himself from general public humiliation, “he was ashamed of his fleshly bulges before the war-painted your life savers” (p.

44). As a defence device Carl might often attract his arms to his stomach to be able to hide it when he felt uncomfortable (p. 45) and this shows that his body image is always in his thoughts.

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