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The story Harrison Bergeron Essay

The story Harrison Bergeron was set in two different years in the future, 2081 and 2053. The basic tale between all three works is definitely everyone becoming equal and “handicapped”. Harrison is a small adult coping with his father and mother and is removed because he is actually smart than the “average” person, which in real life be considered dumb.

He rebels against the government and shows up on television to show people how their live would be without being handicapped. At the end of every tale he is shot and this individual dies. His family doesn’t realize what happens but most they understand is that a thing sad experienced happen. In the first film the way the future is in the year 2081. Technology is advanced and everyone can be equal and handicapped.

Harrison is in jail for trying to rebel against the government. He could be giving promocion to the people and so they take away their handicaps. Both of his parents are putting on bands that stop these people from thinking or becoming smart. His father has on weights and so he is disabled like the remaining people.

His mother is known as average. Harrison breaks out of jail and goes to a theater that is getting televised. He has many weight loads and no music group. He breaks his impediments.

And this individual starts to move with one of the ballerinas which might be there. She also takes off her handicaps. The federal government or persons in charge make an effort to cut the signal to any or all televisions.

He still provides the signal which has a device he previously. He then start to dance to and with the girl to show the folks what they may accomplish devoid of handicaps. He’s then shot by the woman in charge of the people. That function was as well televised and individuals did not know was going on because of their band nevertheless they know anything sad happen like his family.

Inside the second film Harrison Bergeron it is placed in 2053. The future is not too advanced. The federal government saw that folks were happier in the 1980’s so that they changed everything to that time.

Everyone is handicapped and possess bands. Harrison is the wisest in his school. He is too smart then takes a evaluation that transmits him the trick place where he then falls into love having a woman. This individual gets a job of attending to what gets televised. Then he rebels because his manager hurts the woman he enjoys.

He displays films and music of when people were still several and not disabled. After some hours he is caught and compelled to say that everything that he previously sad was obviously a lie. During his televised interview he’s admitting to lieing with what he had showed the people this individual shoots him self in front of everybody.

Everyone’s group is tripled to not digital rebel also. Once again his family members doesn’t really know what happen. Every they understand is that a thing sad features happened. The 3rd work can be described as story. The story follows similar basic story as in the films besides Harrison is seven foot tall and he is a lot better than everyone else.

In every three reports Harrison is shot upon t. sixth is v. and people simply know that a thing sad has happened rather than that this individual died. All works follow the same account. He includes a different looks in all 3 works.

He only goes toward jail inside the film 2081. The film 2081 is additionally the only function where Harrison find a girl he loves. The story and film 2081 are emerge 2081.

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