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The positive effect in the hospitality industry

1: Educating personnel around the world: Due to globalization, managers and personnel of hospitality industry have the ability to learn about the several cultures, people, religions and other different leads of lifestyle. Globalization will also help them to understand what importance of humankind is. Racism is still a part of some people but due to globalization it is having hidden. two: Multilingual companies: Due to the positive effect more and more people by different parts of the world happen to be traveling around the world. Hotels got benefit by simply these modernization but to keep this vacationing many accommodations hire people who know diverse languages so that their customers feel relaxed and safe.

3: More knowledge about different cultures: So , e years back, individuals are not use for travel internationally and because of this many everyone was not aware of different cultures and traditions around the world but now people do travel and this boosts the knowledge of individuals to understand regarding various civilizations For example: Once In India, I see traveler coming from Africa and they wear their traditional clothes and speak diverse language.

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This way I realize their culture and their historical past. \ four: Increasing knowledge about different selection of foods: Due to this vast pattern of the positive effect, more and more restaurants and hotels have different various food mainly because you never know which usually people are caused by which area of the world. Everyone love meals and when they see their own food somewhere they truly feel so comfortable. \

By way of example: Chinese visitor travels all over the world and so almost all big urban centers have “China Town. These items attract Oriental people go and visit these areas which are faraway from China and yet very similar Oriental tradition. five: Increase in trade agreements: The positive effect increase control agreements between two countries as It is good for the economy of both countries as well as for the benefit of people who would like to understand other country’s traditions and historical past, For example: Canada and China have very secure trade associations as China is the second greatest trading partner.

These relations are taken care of because of this raising multiculturalism. six: Increase in equality among people and language and cultural barriers reduced: When people travel and work in different parts of world, this kind of reduce language and ethnical barriers and increase equal rights among people as they all be happy with working with differing people. This is one the major advantage of globalization mainly because non equal rights and racism are biggest enemy of humanity. Today people have to become more proficient to take virtually any actions against any lifestyle or race


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