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The odysseus movie review essay

Adventures of Odysseus are dramatic, exciting and interesting actually to a modern day audience. It is a story of any great warrior who is heart-broken by the gods and must wander the seas for years after the Trojan viruses War. There may be beautiful surroundings in Chicken and of course you may have ships for sea and goddesses and gods leading to confusion together with the humans. What they did with the effects is very impressive. Some of the more complex displays were filmed in The island of malta.

I noticed that there was several “overacting when the characters emphasis their thoughts strongly. My spouse and i shouldn’t have a good laugh when stars are crying and moping, but , which is effect which the overplaying of emotions becomes funny. Yet , if you consider how the people really could have acted, this is perhaps even more true to ancient life. It is true that in the original Odyssey, men cried more than men right now, (in each of our time). I especially adored seeing all the gods and goddesses inside the movie.

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My spouse and i liked goddess Athena a whole lot. She was definitely a highlight in this movie. Her eyes are extremely beautiful through this movie. With a twinkle in her eye, she sends Odysseus away to be fearless because, it appears she is somewhat fond of him. Another highlight is the horse and ships. The Trojan Horses makes was very well manufactured like, each of the ships. I was amazed by the special effects in Hades. While Odysseus descends into Hades he is practically overwhelmed together with the heat.

A few of the bloodiest scenes I’ve ever seen take place in this film. Bodies getting gobbled up by starving sea monster and blood vessels splattering over a wooden deck or a Cyclops tearing a body a part to use it, had not been horrific but disturbing. Because it happens through the daytime, the result is not as intense. I recommend this motion picture to those who like Greek Mythology or who want to have a visual reference in your head when ready or listening to the translation of The Journey by Homer. The ending of the Odyssey is extremely romantic and romance and beauty in all of movie (which I like). I think persons should observe this movie after they have read the book because not every of the episodes that are in the book are in the movie, based on what my dad told me by reading the book and watching film production company with me.

I believe that the key message of the movie is: “never give up on your dream even if a optic comes happen to be in your way.  I would recommend that in case you areplanning to observe this motion picture, watch it alone so that you can pick up each of the concepts of what’s taking place in the motion picture.

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