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Globalization as neo colonialism essay

Once in the 1950s and 60s, many colonized countries and areas across the world plonked off the yolk of colonialism, there was tremendous hope and anticipation that the new age of desire, independence, liberty and self ” determination was about to unfold.

In most cases, it was with great reluctance that the colonial masters naturally independence with their erstwhile groupe from where they had intended for generations kept the total control that got enabled these to exploit individual and material resources and perpetuate themselves in the social economic and political lives of their subject matter.

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In Kenya and Algeria for instance, it absolutely was with intense violence that independence was won. Hence, the Mau-Mau Movement of Kenya plus the Algerian Warfare of Freedom remain to this date, significant watersheds in the activity for freedom especially among African countries.

However , self-reliance has not usually resulted in the anticipated improvements. In some countries, once the common enemy in form of the colonial professionals was rid of, local distinctions manifested, occasionally resulting in unhealthy wars.

The 1947 Indo ” Pakistani war is a example. There are many different instances including Congo, Nigeria, Malaya, as well as recently in Western Sahara, Eritrea and East Timor, among others where fight for independence and independence itself has resulted in battles and strife. Sometimes, self-reliance has come along with baggage of sadness, blood and a plethora of painfully crushed hopes.

Some thinkers argue that the colonial power put in place mechanisms to ensure that the brand new states are unsuccessful, or to allow them to continue to control the newly emergent countries even after independence. The close social, personal and economical ties and relationships between former colonies and past colonial powers seem to prefer this argument. Thus, forty-four years after independence, Great britain is still certainly one of Nigeria’s biggest trading associates. The close ties between France and Francophone Africa, and in many cases the US and say, Thailand lend credit to this theory. One can hardly challenge this watch in light of overwhelming facts.

However , as the world continually experience changes, the concept of neo colonialism can be fast fading out of fashion. More recent and more complex, yet even more subtle movements are taking over, the most important of which is The positive effect.

The mass movement of capital, aggregated by trouble-free flow of human and material resources across smooth borders signifies new and more challenging trends especially in a uni-polar globe characterized by the opening up of recent markets plus the rise of global terror while the powers that control the global mass media would want us to imbibe. (Maybe Mercuse should climb and produce a new copy of his ‘One Dimensional Man’ Or perhaps Toffler should certainly write upon ‘One Dimensional Mind’).

While the poorest countries in the world (usually African), happen to be yet being fully incorporated into the aufstrebend global marketplace that has not stopped the negative impact of colonialism from staying felt. African countries happen to be faced with increased marginalization inside the global economy and low income is within the increase. Studies have indicated that bass speaker Saharan The african continent is the just region on the globe where the living standard features actually decreased over the last twenty years or so.

In the wonderful world of today, charge of human and material assets is not really done through forceful dominance, superiority of people through military subjugation, even though Chief executive (Professor? ) Bush is usually working hard to disprove that fact. Nonetheless it remains which the new form of control is spearheaded by international finance companies aimed at combining a global monetary structure that very often offers its mind offices in New York, London, Tokyo, Paris, france, Frankfurt, and also other investment hubs across the world. (The Chinese have just discovered this ice cream and also have set about claiming their present to characteristic speed).

The Gatlin guns happen to be frozen. You will discover no more massacres like the 1904 Maji ” Maji Rise ? mutiny in Namibia where German troops methodically gunned straight down an estimated 70 ” 85, 000 Africans. The Bremen Conference of 1884 ” 1885 that partitioned The african continent has been replaced by GATT, and in today’s parlance, the earth Trade Corporation. These days, Photography equipment tribes does not have to be collection upon the other person while the colonial masters mop up colonies from where human and material assets were used. (We can do that all by ourselves, as demonstrated in Rwanda).

The earth has gone over and above such crudity. We call it up free transact, and the last arbiter is definitely the World Trade Organization whose aim is usually seemingly to permit a few rich countries and corporations rule global capital and global resources. The colonial power of today do not require military may and job to control the lives and destiny of billions of persons in their previous colonies. Perhaps in the certainly not too far away future, Microsoft or Citi Group could have a seats on the Un. After all, the two of these companies only generate even more wealth each year than every one of Africa’s seven hundred million people.

Incidentally, the globalization of capital and other related methods is a continuation of a historical process that began with the mercantile period or indeed, is as aged as man. The Nederlander East Indies and the Hoheitsvoll Niger Organization of 200 years ago are the HSBC, Barclays, USB and also other multi excellent like Coca Cola, McDonalds, Exxon Portable, Royal Layer, Sony, Philips and many others in whose goal seems to be the aggregation of capital in as few hands as possible. No need to send a Cortez or maybe a Columbus or possibly a Drake or perhaps Cook in expeditions intended for huge income. This is the Global age as well as computer displays will tell you precisely what is going on across the globe in an instant. (Remember Wall structure Mart’s Global Screens? )

So for individuals who may think that colonialism is known as a thing with the past, it is time to think again. Imperialism and dialectical materialism while envisaged by a certain popular philosopher might not have come to, or at least, much less he believed. But the unhappy fact remains to be that today, more than at any age in thousands of years of human domination through job and colonialism is seeing the attention of more wealth inside the hands hardly any. Recent characters show the top 5 percent control regarding 70 percent of worldwide resources. Which was caused by The positive effect. So the reality should be acknowledged that Globalization is another (digital? ) sort of Colonialism.

It really is good thing that many people do not realize this.


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