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The Lost Girl Essay

Declamation by dhang My spouse and i am a female, young in heart and in mind… We am carefree, I enjoy undertaking nothing but perform, play and play… I actually seldom head to school but hmp! no person cares! Instead, you will see myself roaming about standing with the nearby tonada, or hanging around at the sari-sari store standing beside the jukebox stand… 1 day I asked Specialists my mother to teach myself how to respond, to live, and appreciate each of the beautiful points in life. Do you want to know what the lady told me? She said… ” Can’t the truth is, I have to move for my own majong treatment! ” And so i turned to my father to console me.

But what a wonderful expression he do tell me… ” Kid, I have to end my overtime work…Here’s 500 pesos, move and ask the teacher about that question…” Sadly, I joined my class… But My spouse and i heard simply the responsive voice of my teacher, torturing myself with her words… ” Hey por mi parte lazy lady! Why squander your time learning those things? Once up to now you can’t actually multiply seven by seven?

Go home and don’t take the time me! ” I was lost…confused…I don’t know what to do with myself… Exactly where are mother and father to guide me? My professors to give me personally inspirations? My buddies, when I perform?

I’m sluggish and irresponsible. When I try to study, I get punished for not having the capacity to answer. Wherever now…I’m confused… Somebody, you should help me… You admit the world is beautiful, why is it treating me personally this way? Notice me you should!

Help me you should! Help me… I am lost…

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