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The Cover Girl Essay

The CoverGirl advertising from January 2014 has a picture of Queen Latifah in a grayish background with her green eye shadow. Queen Latifah has little brown eyes with long curly black sexy eyelashes.

She has a beautiful big laugh with sparkly white teeth. Queen Latifah even offers a lovely couple of small platinum round protruding earrings in her the ears. The word “CoverGirl” is drafted in big bold green letter around her your forehead, all to improve her presence. Queen Latifah is written in little green albhabets underneath inside the right hand corner.

The photo taken is coming from her visit her shoulder blades, just enough intended for the audiences to focus on CoverGirl’s product. Princess or queen Latifah appears to be wearing a great olive green shirt, precisely the same color while CoverGirl’s item, with her hair pulled back into a long ponytail. The advertisement effectively uses logos, cast, and pathos to influence the viewers to buy CoverGirl products. The first charm is demonstrated by using logos to give the viewer’s reasoning to buy CoverGirl products.

CoverGirl promises that goods are for ladies of any skin types or ethnic backgrounds. The ad claims, “fadeproof, water-proof and ignore-proof”, which is used to spell out the product that they will be advertising (CoverGirl mascara). This product has been around for a long time and is growing and maturity it is very different.

CoverGirl claims fadeproof since they claim that their item will stay on they will face however long it truly is worn for this day, and it resist sweating or crying. Water-resistant would be for individuals who need it to remain on because it rains or if they go for a swimming. Ignore-proof may be the smooth appear and organic beauty look it creates because of their face besides making them look like a true princess or queen, or seem as fabulous as California king Latifah looks in the advertising.

There are various issues that people check out achieve when you use make-up or mascara and this ad discovered the top 3. Women place make up to look fabulous, and wimpernbetonung is apart of the makeup. Queen Latafiah mascara recognizes that purchasers would not need to worry about it falling, washing aside, or heading unnoticed. The second appeal is usually ethos, which is often used to convince the audiences to buy CoverGirl products. By using a very powerful and empowering actress and model pertaining to the company, in addition to my watch supported the ad; she’s a big effect to the companies’ sales. CoverGirl is one of the widely used makeup businesses, which a large number of celebrities work with along with other customers.

In my opinion this really is to receive consumers attention so that they would observe their favorite superstar using CoverGirl, and desire that the consumer seeing the ad may believe in and buy their merchandise. The advertising advertises by simply saying, “if it is best for Hollywood it really is good enough intended for me”. CoverGirl uses celebrities to promote goods because they are aware that the visitors will purchase it if perhaps they believe celebs are using the merchandise.

Finally, the application of pathos can be showed simply by Queen Latifah emotions inside the ad. Full Latifah looks very content with her fade proof; waterproof and ignore- proof make-up and wimpernfarbung. She has the brightest and prettiest laugh ever which allowed me and many others to admire it and trim toward purchasing the product, which is what the organization is wishing for.

Queen Latifah’s face appears naturally gorgeous, which is what CoverGirl is actually aiming for. CoverGirl is a well regarded and respected makeup products company. They typically work with famous occasional actress and versions in their ad to convince the viewers to buy many. The CoverGirl ad makes Queen Latifah look better than her pure beauty. The common sense behind this is that the viewer saw and thought that in the event they use the CoverGirl product, they could look since beautiful as Queen Latifah did inside the ad.

To summarize, the advertisement properly uses logos, ethos, and pathos to convince audiences to buy CoverGirl products which have been fade proof, waterproof and ignore-proof. Logos is used to exhibit why the viewers will need to trust CoverGirl products. Ethos convinces the viewers to obtain CoverGirl product by using a well-known actress and model known as Queen Latifah to advertise their very own product. Passione shows how a product is rewarding Queen Latifah by her emotions in the ad. Similar shows how satisfying and trust worthy CoverGirl product is really.

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